The Finger Fix: Storing Bodies Using Cloud Storage

Yeah it’s true, I like getting my hands super dirty with technology.  But for the most part I just opt-out of professionalism and end up projectile-vomiting morbid but useful information..about that I can actually stand droning on about it.  I mean, who actually wants to talk about how you can store your hour(s) long thanksgiving videos and pictures of evil shelter cats on the Internet? You would think that by now we would be making it easier for all these hit-men out here,  I mean Cloud Storage?  Really?  I wonder what Internet acid rain feels like.


Featured Artists:

Hazel – “V”

Jonwayne – “12345 & Pachabel”

J-Live – “Braggin’ Writes”

Airliner – “Left Orange”

DJsNeverEndingStory – “Floating Euphoria”

Purity Ring – “Grandloves”

LIGHTS – “Siberia”

Knxwledge – “Beech”

Fatlip – “What’s up Fatlip?”


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