It Is Past Time to Stop Believing These 5 Myths

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We believe a lot of things that simply aren’t true. And it is past time we stop believing them. There are a number of reasons to reassess the things you think you know. You have been culturally conditioned to believe certain things. Scientists and other professionals have boldly asserted things about reality. You were told many things by your parents, teachers, and other authorities in your life. It is not necessarily your fault for believing things that aren’t true. But it is up to you to fix them before they lead you into costly errors. Here are a few of those myths and why it is important to get them out of your life:

1. Loans Are Bad

Never take financial advice from classical musicals demanding that you be neither a borrower nor a lender. Needing a loan is not a sign that you are irresponsible with money. It is highly likely that whoever told you to never get a loan has secured more than one loan for themselves in times of need.

Companies like Western Shamrock want you to understand all the terms associated with loans so that you don’t get stuck in a loan that is not right for you. Loans are used for everything from buying a new house or automobile, to paying for emergency repairs or business shortfalls. The truth is that not getting a loan when you need one is the real blunder.

2. Things Should Only Be Used for Their Intended Purpose

Things don’t have purposes so much as they have uses. Once you integrate this particular thought technology, Your new life-hacking existence can begin. Did you know that crumpling a sheet of foil into a ball can replace a dryer sheet when tossed into the dryer? Did you know that a bottle of cola can clean your toilet? Did you ever consider using your stove top and a pan of water to steam your clothes?

There is no end to what you can do once you stop thinking about items as if they can only be used for one thing. When life hacking, safety is key. With that one caveat, there is no limit to what you can do once you start thinking outside of the box.

3. Fold Your Clothes

You have been taught that folding clothes keeps them wrinkle-free and looking good. But it is an unnecessary and counterproductive step in many situations. Don’t waste time folding your t-shirts. Hanging them is easier, faster, and eliminates the creases you get from folding.

It makes even less sense to fold socks and underwear. Who are you trying to impress by folding items that either don’t wrinkle or that get wrinkles no one will ever see? Moms who do the family laundry have long given up folding underwear as a bad job. Save energy and wrinkles by hanging rather than folding. And for socks and underwear, just toss them in the drawer. It’ll be just fine.

4. You Should Speak Louder and Slower to People with Disabilities

One of the more offensive myths is that you have to speak louder and slower to people with disabilities as if they were all hard of hearing and incapable of processing ideas like anyone else. Stop doing this immediately! If a person really is hard of hearing, they will instruct you to speak up. Otherwise, always address them directly and speak at a normal tone and pace like you would when speaking to anyone else. To do otherwise is rude in the extreme.

5. Bundling up Will Keep You from Getting Sick

You don’t get sick because you get cold. You get sick because you breathed in an airborne virus. As it happens, we have special cells in our nose that are very good at fighting off viruses. But those cells stop working when there is a steep decline in temperature. Keeping your body warm does not help. You have to keep your nose warm. Wearing a face scarf can help keep you from getting sick in the winter. Thick coats and gloves won’t do a thing besides make you more comfortable. Managing airborne viruses is mostly about protecting your nose and mouth in the cold.

In many cases, ice cream is healthier than granola. You might not realize that if you are not in a constant state of reevaluating everything you think you know about living your best life.

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