5 Ways To Boost Testosterone

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Male testosterone production hits a peak around age 25. From there, you are essentially on a steady slope of decline. This can have profound effects on your immune system, body composition and sex drive to name just a few. So, how can you maintain good levels of testosterone production as you age and, in particular, once you pass the middle age milestone of 40?

Let’s take a look at five ways to boost testosterone.

Team Sports

Exercise has been proven to have considerable benefits to testosterone production. Combining high-intensity cardiovascular exercise with regular weight training will help men over 40 maintain the testosterone levels they had in their 30s. Team Sports, in particular, can boost production. HIIT-type workouts with a pack mentality of team sport have enormous benefits in testosterone production. Anyone who has ever played pub league football at the weekends will testify to the testosterone-charged (and slightly hungover) atmosphere.

Ice Bath

Cold water therapy has been big news for a few years now. Wim Hoff, aka ‘The Iceman’ has become an internet sensation thanks to his promotion of the cold shock treatment. Studies have shown a testosterone spike in male sprinters that lasted 24 hours after exposure to extreme cold. Commonly accepted as a treatment for inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness Ice Baths could also be a primary driver for muscle growth and recovery thanks to the increased testosterone production.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Is this a cheat code? Potentially, but you could argue the same about protein shakes or creatine. The fact is that HRT works. Male menopause or ‘Andropause’ generally begins in the late 40s and can have severe repercussions for muscle mass, mood swings, fat distribution and sleep. HRT boosts male testosterone levels through injections, gel or patches and can counteract these symptoms.

In recent years, the accessibility of information has led to an increase in awareness about hormonal health, with some individuals exploring online testosterone replacement therapy resources to better understand their options.

Staying Sexually Active

Regular sexual stimulation, even when not acted upon, is a proven booster of testosterone. For instance, men who watched porn without masturbation still showed increased testosterone levels for the next 24 hours. Regular sexual intercourse will keep levels up, as will experimenting with new erotic scenarios such as Tantric Massage or role play. Try to keep each other guessing, and you’ll soon feel the benefits in your mental health and sex drive.


You are what you eat. The problem is that you ‘eat’ ten pints of a lager and two large pizzas in a single weekend. Cut down on the booze and try to eat more fatty fish, dark greens, eggs, berries, nuts and shellfish. I’m guessing you knew most of that already, so with 2023 looming lets make our new year’s resolutions now. Less booze, more broccoli.


So there you have it. Five ways to boost testosterone in men. You don’t need to tick all of these boxes, but if you can implement two or three of them as we head into 2023, you’ll be fitter, happier and healthier for it. Some of them are as simple as changing your diet or exercising more. Some require financial investment, although hormone replacement therapy is available for some patients on the National Health Service in the UK at least. Sometimes though, you need to think a little outside the box. Plunging yourself into freezing cold water regularly will undoubtedly have good outcomes for your testosterone but indulging in a sexy Erotic Massage now and then sounds like a lot more fun!

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