How to Choose the Best Storage Options for Your Company Data

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Companies should never underestimate the importance of using secure and accessible data storage. Using a reliable storage option is crucial to the sustainable growth of your brand. Organizations should ensure they avoid buying too much storage space. At the same time, they need to ensure that their selected system is as future-proof as possible. Here, we discuss how to choose the data storage needs of your organization.


Many people use DAs without even knowing it. Almost every laptop has a DAS hard drive. It works exactly how it sounds – storage hardware works like an external hard drive or USB drive connected directly to a device.DAS is one of the most affordable data storage options available. You can buy a 5TB external hard drive for less than $200, making it an ideal solution for small businesses that don’t manage a lot of data.

Unlike other business data storage methods, direct-attached storage is not very shareable. If you wanted to share your data with someone or access it from another location, you would have to either bring the DAS device with you or upload your files to share them online.


NAS is when a storage device is connected to a network to allow only authorized users to restore and retrieve data from a centralized location. Simply put, using NAS is like having an onsite private cloud over which your business has complete control. Because NAS is like a private cloud, your team can access data remotely with only a network connection so that they can work anywhere, anytime. You can also make a NAS Files Backup anytime, anywhere. Unlike DAS, NAS allows multiple users to access and edit files on the same hard drive, so they don’t have to make copies and reconcile numerous versions of the same file.


SAN is a network of storage devices that can be accessed by multiple servers or devices, creating a shared pool of storage space. It’s important to have an internet connection to let users access storage on the SAN as if it were a storage drive directly attached to their computer.

The storage area network connects multiple drives, making it more resilient to the issues that plague single-device storage options, like device failures. It can also improve the efficiency of your data storage by consolidating your storage resources into a single network.

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