CBD sleeping drops instead of sleeping pills

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Sleep well naturally … is it possible? Have you slept well or not?

Without enough sleep, we feel unrested and tired during the day. We have difficulty concentrating and are irritable. Most of the population suffers from sleep disorders, at least some of the time.

Sleeping pills can help us sleep through the night and fall asleep better – but they also carry all kinds of risks. In this article, you will learn what CBD – as you can now find the best CBD products at JustBob legally in the UK – can be a good sleep aid.

Why is sleep so important?

Sleep has an essential restorative function for the body and mind. It allows our bodily functions to regenerate. Meanwhile, our body produces growth hormones. Blood pressure, digestion and muscle activity adapt to the individual sleep phases.

Our immune system is most efficient during the night shift. Our brain also needs sleep, even if it does not get any rest. It uses the time of night to process the impressions and experiences of the day. While we sleep, our brain cleans up and consolidates what we have learned during the day.

Problems with sleep

Unfortunately, we don’t always get a good night’s sleep. We lie in bed, feel tired and we can’t fall asleep. So, in the end, we can’t sleep.

Or we keep waking up in the night and can’t find our way back to sleep … Or we are plagued by restlessness early in the morning, which causes us to toss and turn sleeplessly … The following day we are anything but rested.

Causes of sleep disorders

It is essential to clarify whether the sleep disorder manifests as a symptom of an illness. It is called secondary insomnia if there are physical, psychological or neurological causes for poor sleep. Be sure to consult your doctor about this!

But the streetlight outside the bedroom window or noisy neighbours can also rob us of sleep. Sometimes the wrong diet, an unhealthy lifestyle or insufficient sleep hygiene are also responsible. Shift work and jet lag can also disturb the sleep rhythm.

Worries and hardships often prevent us from sleeping, whether for professional or private reasons. Inner restlessness and constant brooding can also lead to problems falling asleep and staying asleep. Sometimes the pain keeps us awake and prevents our body from resting.

Sleep better with sleeping pills?

Sleeping pills often seem to be a good solution for persistent sleep problems. However, these only treat the symptoms and do not address the cause. If you stop taking them, the problem will come back and you won’t be able to sleep.

Prescription medications also lead to habituation, so the effect no longer occurs with long-term use. But unfortunately, it is also often accompanied by unwanted side effects. Chief among these is the risk of addiction that comes from sleeping pills.

CBD and sleeping problems

Herbal preparations, whose effect is purely natural, are considered a suitable alternative for falling asleep faster. In addition, the use of CBD sleeping drops as a sleep aid is also increasingly being discussed.

CBD is not a sleeping pill in the true sense of the word, but a food supplement based on cannabidiol, an active ingredient from hemp.

Besides the well-known THC, which also occurs in the cannabis plant, CBD belongs to the cannabinoids to which various positive effects are attributed. It is also suspected to affect sleep, but there are no studies that clearly confirm this. However, many users report that the active ingredient of hemp could help them sleep through the night and fall asleep.

Unlike THC, the cannabinoid is not intoxicating and mind-altering. As a result, CBD products contain almost no THC and are legally available as a dietary supplement.

Advantages of CBD oil as a sleep aid

CBD products consist exclusively of the active ingredient cannabinoid from the hemp plant. In addition, the CBD is water-based, or aqua CBD made with water. It means that the various CBD oils as a sleep aid are a 100% natural preparation.

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the cannabinoid to have significant medical potential and calls for its effects to be investigated in further studies. CBD is therefore classified as well tolerated. In their opinion, unlike many drugs and other substances, addiction is not dangerous.

How does CBD work as a sleep aid?

CBD and the other cannabinoids in hemp are similar to endogenous substances that play an essential role in the ECS. Due to its similar structure, CBD can probably activate the ECS receptors. It explains the positive effect many speak of after taking CBD and the wide range of effects.

However, if the sleep disturbances have a physical cause, you should consult a doctor!

CBD relaxes and helps with pain

Because of its relaxing effects, CBD can act as a sleep aid. If you have a lot of stress, this is often a result of sleep problems. Several studies confirm that CBD oil can counteract anxiety. In this way, CBD can help prevent sleep disorders and restlessness.

In addition, several studies have shown that CBD oil may be able to relieve pain. So taking CBD oil may offer hope if your sleep problems are caused by pain.

Side effects and dosage of CBD oil

The WHO classifies CBD – and medical cannabis in the UK – as safe and well-tolerated. However, in rare cases, side effects cannot be ruled out. These include drowsiness and dry mouth. In addition, the dosage of CBD oil to promote sleep is difficult to determine. Every person is different and will therefore react differently to CBD oil.

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