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The Most Popular Games in Canada 2022

Canada is heaven for sports and online game lovers alike. They are known for their elaborate offering of games that one can actually spend hours playing. The gaming industry in Canada is competitive, extremely creative and innovative in nature, offering new upgrades from time to time along with new releases that keep players coming back for more. There are several online casinos that you can check out to fulfill your gaming dreams. For example, you can visit Ice casino online, and check out their extensive array of online game offerings. Starting from Goblin Heist to Machina Megaways, the Ice Casino offers a wide range of options to choose from. Be sure to visit them today!

Let us now dive into some of the most popular games in Canada for 2022.

Game Released
DOTA 2 2021
League of Legends 2009
Fortnite 2017
Minecraft 2011


Released back in the year 2017, Fortnite has been a huge success. Even though there are 6 years between its release and now, it is still considered one of the most famous and played games in Canada in 2022. The game upon its release has taken the world by storm. The game is free to play and has a great appeal amongst players from all around the world, not just in Canada. The famous game is developed by Epic Games. After the success of Fortnite, the developers went on to develop and release Fortnite Creative and Fortnite: Save the World. Fortnite Creative and Fortnite: Save the World is a survival-themed game. The players can battle and fight to survive creatures who are like zombies. The core theme is based on cooperative shooting.

League of Legends

Captivating players for over 15 years, the League of Legends was released way back in 2009. It is a multiplayer online battle area game that comes with good graphics and an interesting theme. Initially, it was released by the game developer Riot Games, the game allows two teams of 5 players each to compete and win. The two teams are given all means to defend their half of the created map of the land and defeat their opponent team. The players can defend themselves and fight their opponent one-on-one to bring victory to their team. The goal is to destroy the rival team’s Nexus. The Nexus is a large structure built in the enemy territory.

Dota 2

Another multiplayer online battle arena game that is almost on every famous and favourite list of games in Canada is Dota 2. It has been dominating the online gaming market since its release. It is the second instalment to the equally famous first instalment of Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Holding up to its reputation and expectation, the game is a favourite in Canada. The gameplay is designed to allow two teams of 5 players each, to battle it out for the winning place. The goal here is to protect and defend the base known as ‘Ancient’. The opponent team is deployed to destroy the Ancient for the title of the winner. The best part of the game is that it works on iOS, Linus and Windows, giving a lot of flexibility to the player.


Minecraft, as the name suggests, is a game that invokes survival instincts. On release, the popularity of the game exploded and it became a favourite worldwide. Released back in 2011, this game has held the title of the bestselling game for the longest time. It still holds a special place in the hearts of players worldwide. This sandbox game allows its players to explore infinite worlds virtually and create the ideal environment for themselves through raw materials extracted from the surrounding. One can build structures to suit oneself, craft tools, and do much more in the world of Minecraft. The gameplay comes with a few player modes, it helps the player to go into a survival mode where they can test their own limits while surviving drownings, falls, starvation and attacks from wild creatures and hostile catalysts. The best part- players can interact with other players and increase their social skills.

Online games are a relief to the modern digital society. They take away the gloom and monotony and introduce us to a world of infinite possibilities. With the above games, the people of Canada and from all across the world, have found their escape from the harsh realities of life, which is what makes these games one of a kind. So, why wait? Go and explore your road ahead.