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Brilliant Advertising Strategy Or Luck? — Why Is World of Warcraft Still So Popular?

The cult game World of Warcraft has millions of fans around the world. The game develops every year, becoming more and more famous. Each of us at least once in our lives heard about the game World of Warcraft. How to achieve such a scale of recognition? Is it just a lucky coincidence and a unique plot? Or is there something more behind it? Marketing, advertising, communications? Let’s find out!

Let’s start our article with an entertaining reflection and fact. How much time do you think World of Warcraft players spent playing the game in total? You will be surprised, but if you add up all the time spent by people in the game, it will come out over a million years. Just think for a second how much…


After such an interesting seed, let’s get to the point. Assuming some kind of recam strategy, pay special attention to the fact that Warcraft contributes to charity. In the game, players have the option to buy pets for the characters. The cost of a pet is $10. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of in-game items go to the Red Cross humanitarian organization and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Several million dollars come out a year. Not a bad project of corporate social responsibility!

TV series 

One of the most interesting cases occurred on October 4, 2006. On this day, the South Park series aired its “Make Love Not Warcraft” episode dedicated to the game. As you can understand, the series is named using the game with the slogan Make love, not war. A kind of great promotional tool turns out!

Star Mention

Once in an interview, actress Mila Kunis admitted that she loves the game. However, the actress noted that she never uses voice chat with other players, because she is quickly recognized. Americans really easily recognize the voice of Mila, because she voices Meg Griffin in the popular TV series Family Guy.

In addition to Mila Kunis, many other actors also said that they love the game. For example, Henry Cavill, who plays The Witcher and Superman, said he missed a call from director Zack Snyder who wanted to let him know that he had landed the lead role in Man of Steel. Cavill didn’t answer because he was on a raid with his guild in Warcraft. A real fan!

By the way, real fans of the game understand how important it is to have a pumped character and a strong position in the game. That is why they also understand that a huge amount of resources is spent on creating such positions. To make the game easier and more interesting for players, they often choose cheap wow raid carry services. Thanks to such services, you save your time and other resources and allow your character to develop, as well as strengthen your position. The game becomes more tempting, more interesting and more dynamic.

Chinese version

The Chinese version of the game received the most rework and localization. During the adaptation process, all skeletons and bones were removed. This is due to the fact that for the Celestial Empire the themes of death and the living dead are taboo. Still rebellious skeletons were replaced by pale living people. Instead of corpses, loaves of bread appeared in the Chinese version of the game.

Monuments to real people

In the game you can see a large number of monuments to real people. For example, in the game there is a monument to the terminally ill boy Ezra Chatterton. The game developers invited him to the office and gave him a tour, and together they made changes to the game. With the participation of the boy, the Merciless Gladiator’s Crossbow of the Phoenix was created, a quest in Mulgore, where Ezra voiced the NPC character, and a ghost elder hero named Ezra Wheatmane was also invented. All of this is in the game. Touching and beautiful.

Alter ego and proposal

Get ready to be smitten! One of the developers added his alter ego to the game and created a small quest, the reward for which was an engagement ring. In such an unusual way, he proposed to his girlfriend, who worked as a beta tester for Warcraft. Of course she said yes!

Virtual epidemic

In 2005, there was an epidemic in the game, just like we have on Earth. After a certain update, a dungeon appeared in the plot, at the end of which a boss was waiting. This character attacked players with the Corrupted Blood spell, which he used to infect the character and cause the character’s infection to pass to the character, like a plague. After leaving the dungeon, the players were healed, but a bug crept in. For some reason, this did not work on the pets of the heroes. Back in the cities, the characters would infect each other, causing an epidemic that quickly wiped out the game’s population.


Here we have an interesting summary. We hope that you appreciated it and your desire to play has only increased! Still, it is impossible to say unequivocally what kind of strategy the leaders of the World of Warcraft office adhere to. However, we can definitely say that their advertising tools are effective and unrealistically creative! We have already seen it!