Beat the Heat with These Cool Summer Tips

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Are you ready to beat the heat this summer? If temperatures are soaring, and you want to get a jump on staying cool, you’ve got loads of options to keep on hand. 

Here are the top ways to beat the heat – and stay cool this summer.

Keeping Cool Starts Here

One of the best ways to keep your cool is to stay hydrated. Medical experts suggest drinking water as your preferred beverage. Water is the simplest and least expensive option when it comes to keeping your body cool and healthy.

In addition to water, also look for sparkling water as a beverage for hot days. The extra bubbles add some playful sparkle to freshen the palate. You might enjoy adding fresh lemon, lime, or berries for a great low-calorie and low-sugar choice.

Expanding beyond water, consider making tea and coffee for a refreshing drink. Tea and coffee can be stored in the refrigerator, and used over ice for a pick-up during the day.

Explore making ice tea from black or green teas. You may find some of the green teas such as Sencha are uniquely suited to mix with lemonade. But what if you prefer to drink coffee? Make sure you always have some on hand by finding the best coffee subscription service you can, and then you’ll never run out of caffeine during the heat of the summer. (After all, who wants to drive to the coffee shop when it’s 100 degrees in the shade?)

For more refreshment, try a fresh fruit smoothie. You can experiment with in-season fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. If you find frozen berries, simply add these to juice and you’ll have a smoothie in minutes. Tuck in a banana for added substance.

If you’re exercising in hot weather, take extra precautions. Increase your fluid intake, and have plenty of water with you while exercising.

Reduce Stress Levels

Exercising in the heat can be stressful on the mind and body. It makes sense to avoid heatstroke by exercising in the early morning or late evening. Staying out of the mid-day sun and heat will help you stay healthy.

In addition to drinking water and planning exercise, take extra precautions to reduce your stress. 

If you haven’t checked on your insurance in a while, take a moment to review your options. This is easy to do with a quick Internet search for online health insurance. You may be delighted to realize that getting the insurance you need is a lot easier than you imagined.

Also, take extra measures to prepare for overheating. Have cool towels, clothes, and ice packs on hand in your home. Have a tub of cool water-filled and ready for when you return from exercising. Don’t be averse to spraying yourself with cool water from a hose, outdoor, or indoor shower. 

Using water to cool down is a smart and healthy measure. It can help you beat the heat of the summer, handle humidity, and avoid heatstroke.

Staying Cool

In many areas of the country, people are experiencing record-breaking heat. Triple-digit heat is causing many households to revisit their methods of air conditioning. 

Many people are opting for portable air conditioners and personal air coolers. This makes it easy to monitor air quality and temperature. It’s a smart way to beat the heat.

In a recent heatwave, it seems everyone is shopping online for air conditioners to enhance their home and home-office. 

Being Proactive

Use these practical tips to respond proactively to hot weather.

Check the Forecast

Be in touch with weather forecasts in your local area. Sign up for heat alerts so you can be aware, and prepared.

If you’re planning to run in a sports event, check for flag warnings that indicate heat and humidity levels. Races are canceled during ‘black flag’ conditions.

Drink Water

Stay hydrated with water and low-sugar beverages. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, as they can contribute to fluid loss. Also, be aware that you need to keep drinking, even when you’re not feeling thirsty.

Dress for Heat

Light-colored and lightweight clothes keep you feeling cool. Dark colors such as navy, black, and brown can contribute to feeling hot. Add a hat or visor to your summer wardrobe.

Know Your Body

Even if you’re a pro athlete, it’s important to monitor your ability to perform in the heat. Focus on exercising at cooler times such as dawn and dusk. Work up slowly to acclimate your body to heat. 

This is quite similar to what you would do if you were racing at altitude. You’d take it easy initially, allowing your body to acclimate to a higher altitude. Over several weeks, you would increase workouts, in speed and duration.

With a few modifications, you can stay healthy and fit. Get ready to beat the heat this summer.

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