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RunYourPool takes the hard work out of running your football, baseball, or basketball pool. It is a big website offering you to start an NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL pool. You can start different types of pools, including survivor, pick ‘em, squares, confidence, and more in just a matter of minutes.

The premier sports pool management service is your go-to place for basketball, golf, football, and baseball pool.

What Makes it Great?

More than one million users love to use RunYourPool. Why is it? Why is the website so popular? Well, we can think of a couple of reasons.

  • Easy setup, you can start a pool within minutes and invite members instantly
  • There is no obligation, you can run your basketball pool, football pool, or any other for free through the first week of the season
  • Lots of configuration and scoring options for the administrator
  • Online pick sheets, users make picks online using the website’s sheets
  • Automatic deadlines, picks are locked down at the beginning of each week of games
  • Detailed reporting, including pick summaries and weekly leaderboard
  • Private message board where you can post rules, trash talk, and communicate with other members
  • Real-time updating, standings updated as games end

Is it Free?

People always want to know whether a good service is free. Well, that is not the case with RunYourPool. The website charges a small fee for hosting your pool and calculating the results.

But the website does not distribute winnings in any way. Those are all yours. The good news is you can use the services in the beginning of the season with a trial account. But your pool will be locked and access will be denied if you do not pay a fee.

How does it work?

So, how does RunYourPool work? Well, you start by selecting the category of your pool and then select the format you want to use. Here is a breakdown of the categories and formats you can use.

Basketball offers the following options for pools:

  • Pick ‘em pool, with players making weekly picks, either against the point spread or straight-up, and the number of picks can be adjusted and customized by the pool administrator
  • NBA Survivor pool, choosing one NBA team each week that players believe will win. They can pick a team once per NBA season and picks are straight up, there is no point spread system. If the pick is correct, players survive until the next week. An incorrect pick eliminates that player for the remainder of the season
  • NBA Playoff Bracket Pool is an option you can use to pick the winner of each NBA playoff series. Players get bonus points for guessing the series length

If you want to bet on Football and create a football pool, there are the options:

  • Power Rankings for Post Season only, with players ranking the 14 NFL teams competing in the NFL players from strongest to weakest. Picks are made only ONCE before the games begin
  • Playoff Precision Pool is an option where players try to pick the winner of each and every playoff game each week with a combined total score. Players receive points for correct picks and for how close to the correct combined point total they are
  • Playoff Bracket for post season only, with players filling a bracket picking all post season games before the playoffs start
  • The grid pool, or squares pool single game or weekly series is the most popular option for the Super Bowl game, but the RunYourPool website offers it for any game
  • And of course, the Super Bowl Prop Bets pool

Besides sports pool, you can also create some specific pools on the RunYourPool website. For example, you can create an Academy Award Pool, where members can pick who they think will win each of the 24 categories for awards. Wins and losses are calculated in real-time during the Oscar show.

Use the App

The good thing about RunYourPool is that you can use the application for an easier experience. The RunYourPool app works in a similar fashion to the mobile site of the pool.

Certain things allow the pool admins to notify users without having to chase them down to send picks. The app looks great and it piggybacks the mobile website. If you prefer an app environment, the RunYourPool application will get the job done.

Be Safe When Gambling

We have to remind everyone that gambling is a risky business. There are some “unwritten” rules about how to gamble properly and safely.

Do not think of gambling as a way to make money. It is not designed to work that way. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. And always set a money limit in advance.

Never chase your losses and do not gamble when you are depressed or upset. With that in mind, RunYourPool is a great way to have fun with friends and enjoy something we all love, and that is sports.

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