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Is it Time for Another Desmond Game?

Recently rumors have leaked surrounding a new Assassin’s Creed game—the first details a new game with co-op to be released in 2013, while the second claims that the 2013 game will be set in Brazil and that Ubisoft is working to write (or rewrite) its history leading up to their game. These rumors have a few holes in them, but so far no one’s been able to disprove them, and there has been no word for or against from Ubisoft directly. While the thought of a game taking place in Brazil might seem appealing, there is a small issue I have with it—it’s way too soon to be putting out another Assassin’s Creed game, least of all with Desmond as the main character.

It’s true that the company has been releasing games yearly since 2009—however, they kind of had a deadline to fulfill. With their 2012 deadline for the main series met, there is no reason for Ubisoft to churn out another game. Developing new characters and a new plot should take the company more time than simply adding to an existing story like they have been, and the other pieces of the rumor imply that they’re still at the planning stage. Assassin’s Creed III took several years to develop (it was being developed side by side with Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, even though they were on different engines), so it’s very odd that they’re at the planning stage of a new story and expect to launch it within a year.

There’s another big catch to these rumors that the Gamestop translation failed to report (or perhaps was just revealed today): Desmond will feature in the new game as a main character, and a ‘leaked’ screenshot has him exploring a São Paulo marketplace. This is odd for several reasons—while avoiding spoilers, Desmond isn’t exactly in a position where he can easily feature in a new game. Ubisoft would have to pull off a huge deus ex machine if they want to get him in that new game. Then again, they are known for that. The other suspicious bit is the quality of the screenshot’s graphics—the main character and setting have none of the visual flair or awesomeness (for lack of a better word) that the games usually sport. I realize it’s supposed to be an in-development game, but the only impressive part about it that sets it apart from a PS2 game is the lighting. Maybe.

Brazil does have a bit of interesting history immediately after the American Revolution, in the form of the ‘Inconfidência Mineira,’ but the French Revolution still seems like a much more interesting historical candidate as the primary basis for modern terrorism. Compounding that theory, Inconfidência Mineira was actually inspired by the French Revolution. All in all, it’s a bit too soon for Ubisoft to release the game, if this game actually exists. They are no longer constrained by a deadline, so they can take their time and improve the game before they release it. Perhaps do some better quality testing than usual, so their games aren’t marked down to 9/10 solely because of their glitches.

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