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Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model that requires a very small investment even no money. In dropshipping business, you don’t have to have an inventory and process the shipment. Your product suppliers do those for you.

However, when your business grows, it’s time-consuming to manage a large number of orders. Therefore, many dropshipping tools come out for help. DSers is one of the earliest dropshipping solutions and stands out from others due to its advanced features and prompt 24/7 support service.

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What is DSers?

DSers is a dropshipping solution that helps dropshippers grow their online business. According to DSers, they helped over 150,000 users succeed in dropshipping business. And I saw 4700+ 5-star reviews about DSers on the Shopify app store. In addition to Shopify, you can also use DSers for your other e-commerce store on WooCommerce and Wix and manage them in one place in the app.

DSers Main Features:

The most time-consuming part during dropshipping is to manage and process the orders. Especially, when you got thousands of orders in a short period, without a dropshipping tool like DSers, you have to place orders one by one to your suppliers. The worst thing is that the stock of your products might be empty. So DSers is here for you to manage them in batch and automatically sync suppliers’ stock to your dashboard. According to DSers, you will save 97% time while placing orders to AliExpress.

Find Qualified Suppliers for Your Store

Supplier Optimizer is one of the highlighted features of DSers. Along with the Find Supplier function, you can quickly and easily reach well-performed product suppliers on AliExpress and import products directly in the app to your store with a few simple clicks. Besides, you can compare similar suppliers by the price, rating, and sale volume in one list.

Manage Multiple Stores in One Place

With DSers, you can manage your stores on Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix in the DSers dashboard without switching accounts time and time again. Besides, from checking product stocks to checking delivery updates, DSers gives you a unified platform for information racking.

Automated Order Placement

What’s better than a Shopify plugin that automatically integrates? DSers will automatically pick data of Shopify orders to prepare your dashboard and place orders on AliExpress. This automation improves delivery speed and ensures optimum user experience.

Import Products Simply

If you don’t use a dropshipping tool, it’s a copy and pastes task to put your products on your e-commerce store one by one. However, DSers automates this for you. With only a few clicks, you can publish bulk products to your stores in seconds. It’s amazing, right? Moreover, it allows you to hide and delete products as well.

CSV Importing for Offline Channels

In addition to online stores, you may have some other sales channels to sell products offline. For those products, how can you manage them and save your time and energy? DSers developed a feature called CSV Bulk Order, which enables you to import offline products from a CSV file in a click.

Advanced Pricing Rules

You may notice there are .99, .98 or other cents ended with a product price on many stores. Actually, you don’t have to set them one by one but apply a pricing rule to your store. DSers helps you set up cent values, such as $9.99. Besides, you can easily create cost or product groups, based on which you can assign different pricing rules. These rules can be directly applied to your product range on Shopify.

DSers have dozens of features that try to automate everything during dropshipping to save you time and energy. So here I don’t list all but you can check them here or visit its website.

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