Here Are The Most Common Helmet Buying Mistakes Most Riders Make

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Helmets comprise an essential part of a rider’s protective gear. Despite their importance, most riders commit mistakes while buying them. As a result, they fail to get optimum protection while riding their bikes and make themselves vulnerable to sustaining injuries.

To ensure that you buy the right helmet for your riding adventure, we have compiled a list of the most common helmet buying mistakes most riders make. Take a look.

Mistake #1: Not considering the specific purpose

Of course, the primary purpose of a helmet is to protect the rider’s head when they are riding the bike, but the purpose branches out according to the riding style and personal needs. Maybe you need a simple helmet for daily riding or a specific type of helmet for a long-distance ride. In each case, you would need different styles of helmets that meet your specific needs. You don’t need a full-face helmet for a short inter-city commute, but you can’t go for a road trip without it. Similarly, you would need special dirt bike helmets for dirt biking, dual-sport helmets for Enduro, ADV, Crossover, etc.

Before buying a helmet, determine what you need it for. Once you know why you need it, look for helmets that have features confirming your requirements.

Mistake #2: Underestimating the importance of the right size

Another common mistake that most riders make is underestimating the importance of wearing the right size of helmet.

Helmets are meant for protection, but how well they protect your head also depends on how snuggly they fit your head. A loose-filing helmet might not be able to provide you optimum protection during high-impact accidents and fly off from your head. Hence, make it a point to buy a well-fitted helmet for riding.

Mistake #3: Not considering the quality of the product

In a bid to save money, most riders buy cheap quality helmets. They tend to forget that cutting corners in buying a helmet can compromise their safety.

Low-quality helmets fall easy on the pocket, but they lack safety certifications. They make you vulnerable to sustaining serious injuries in accidents or falls.

Make quality your priority when buying a helmet.

Mistake #4: Not checking certifications

Every country mandates its citizens to ride in helmets with certifications to ensure the safety of riders. Irrespective of this, most riders do not consider checking the certifications of the helmet before buying.

Not wearing a certified helmet attracts hefty fines from the authorities. But more importantly, it jeopardizes the safety of the rider.

It is essential to check the certification of the helmet before buying it. Make sure your helmet is passed as safe by the concerned authorities. If you often travel cross-border on your bike, check the applicable certifications of the destination country and buy a helmet acknowledged by the destination authorities.

Mistake #5: Buying helmets for looks

Undoubtedly, helmets look stylish. While there is nothing wrong with buying helmets with supreme design features, making looks the basis of your decision is not a wise thing to do.

Although the looks of the helmet matter, there are several other necessary things to check before buying. First and foremost, check the safety parameters of the helmet. Then, check the quality of materials used. Buy a helmet with robust shells outside and inside and that could offer optimum protection during accidents or falls. Also, check whether or not your helmet is comfortable over your head. Buy a helmet with an easy-to-use strap mechanism to make it easy for you to wear and take it off in one swift motion when needed

The bottom line

Helmets are not mere safety accessories; they are lifesavers. Make sure you buy them thoughtfully. Avoid making these mistakes while buying helmets and ensure your safety while riding.

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