Taking the Right Steps Towards Basic Home Protection

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You deserve to be able to sleep easily at night, knowing that your home- and by extension, your family- is safe. But, unfortunately, times are getting unpredictable, and we’re all finding ourselves scrambling to create more security in our homes.

You don’t have to turn your home into a fortress with ten-foot-tall brick walls, but there are things you can do to make your property a lot more burglar resistant.  These are the steps everyone should follow.

Window and Door Locks that Work

Check the locks on every window and the deadbolts and locks on every exterior-opening door.  Unfortunately, if enough is faulty, it may mean it’s time to replace everything, but if there’s only a couple with issues, you’ll only have to replace or update those.

Take the time you need to update your doors and windows, and make sure to check these locks once every three to six months, depending on their age.  This will allow you to catch flaws as soon as possible and ensure you can fix them before anything happens.

Cameras That Point Towards the Street

Most intruders enter the clearest way possible, through the front door.  By having a camera facing out front, not only will you be able to see who’s approaching your home, but you’ll also be able to notice if the same cars slow down outside your property or if an individual takes more interest in your home than any other and returns multiple times.

These cameras are also great home security systems since people don’t want to be caught on camera doing something shady or illegal. So make sure that you keep their batteries charged and that you check footage often.

Communication Within Your Community

Talk to your neighbors!  This may feel obvious, but many people forget how important tight-knit communities are.  Communities that have discussions about things they’ve seen in the neighborhood, something they’ve heard, and things they’re feeling about people traveling through or stopping on others’ property will give you a clear view if anything may be happening in your neighborhood.

Make sure that you don’t go into too much detail about your property’s security systems with people you don’t trust, though, since this could quickly backfire by accidentally giving someone untrustworthy the secrets to your home’s security so they can break-in.  Most people who trespass on a property know the owner to some extent, making it easier for them to gain access and sometimes get away with it.

Intelligent Personal Security Measures

Although it’s not your fault if you get robbed or your home is broken into, it’s the fault of the criminals that did it, there are some steps you can take to make yourself safer. First, try to avoid leaving backup keys anywhere on the exterior of your home.  This means no rock-keys, not hiding a key under your mat, and absolutely no keys hidden above your front door’s frame.  Taking these measures will protect you and allow you to sleep a lot easier at night.

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