Marketing Tips that Will Make Your Cannabis Business stand out

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The legal cannabis industry is currently one of the hottest industries out there. Statistics show that there are nearly 10,000 cannabis dispensaries in the U.S. and of course, new stores are cropping up now and then. If you opened a new dispensary in a state that has recently legalized cannabis, chances are, dozens of other retailers also opened similar businesses in the area.

Admittedly, marketing cannabis is not an easy task due to the surplus restrictions but dispensary owners and cannabis retail businesses must devise new and innovative ways to market their business. With increasing popularity comes intense competition and only businesses that can distinguish themselves will stick around for long.

So, how can you make your cannabis brand stand out among the crowd?

Distinctive Branding

You are not hearing this for the first time. Every business expert emphasizes the importance of branding in a business so much that it sounds repetitive. But that’s because unique branding is instrumental to a successful business. A distinct branding helps you survive among thousands of other competitors. Additionally, your logo, product packaging should provide an instant and distinct recognition for your business. They are your identity and should therefore appeal to your audience.

Know Your Target Customers

In Branding, stereotypes are indispensable. Instead of trying to satisfy anyone and everyone, you are more likely to establish a successful brand by catering to a specific nook of the cannabis market directly and distinctly. Which aspect of cannabis consumers do you wish to attract? Medicinal users or recreational stoners. To attract an audience, you have to know who they are and what they want. Solving these puzzles helps you provide exceptional customer service.

Digital Marketing

A strong digital presence puts your business far ahead of others. New customers won’t just flood your shop the second you are open for business. For potential customers to patronize you, they need to be aware of your existence and accordingly, know where to find you. Unfortunately, Cannabis advertisements are prohibited by federal regulations to be aired on traditional advertisement platforms like radio or TV commercials. This restriction has steered up different creative marketing schemes in the cannabis industry. There are industry-specific marketing platforms for cannabis businesses. Getting your name on the publications or website of such platforms is great exposure for your business industry.

Digital Marketing also includes the optimization of social media. Just because paid advertisements on social media are not allowed for a cannabis brand does not mean you should completely disregard maintaining a social media presence. Just ensure that whatever you post, you are in line terms of service of whatever platform you post on.

Build a User-friendly Website

You might be wondering, Why do you need a website for your cannabis business? The gravest misconception a cannabis business owner can have in this day and age is that they can grow their business without a website. A website gives your business much-needed exposure and you do want to be found by your target audience. Your website serves as the face of your brand online and it is central to all your marketing techniques. Therefore, When choosing a template for the design, you should put the following into consideration;

  • Easy navigation and readability
  • The site layout should not be cluttered,
  • Keep the aesthetics simple
  • Contact information should be made available and accessible.

More importantly, emphasize the strong points of your brand and what makes it stand out. All these features influence how long a visitor stays on the website and whether they proceed to perform the desired action like contacting your dispensary for purchase.

Delivery Services

Customers prioritize comfort when it comes to making purchases. The Covid-19 pandemic has further prompted many customers to turn to delivery services for their products including marijuana products. Check out mobile dispensary California, as dispensaries stand out by making cannabis shopping easier for customers. Accordingly, Dispensary delivery makes your online menu shoppable. Increase your online sale by promoting a delivery strategy. Your delivery strategy encompasses everything done to aid the delivery of your products, from how you present the delivery information on your website right down to the arrival of the product to the customer’s doorstep.

Get creative

Marketing a cannabis dispensary requires a unique approach while ensuring that all marketing techniques are not only effective but legal. There are still strict guidelines in place and cannabis businesses must be cautious to avoid hefty fines worse, getting shut down. In the years to come, the cannabis industry is expected to expand yet again to new markets as new states begin to join the bandwagon of cannabis legalization. As the competition peaks, you must develop strategies that will distinguish your cannabis business from the crowd.

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