3 Day trips you can take from Paris

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Traveling is a favorite pastime that many love to engage in.  The reason for this is that it greatly helps to expand one’s worldview. It opens a channel for one to meet new people and get to interact with mindsets different from oneself. It also allows one to view another part of the world, experience another culture, and enjoy seeing the sights. All in all, it is very exciting and fulfilling.

One of the challenges of travel, however, is trying to figure out where to go, how long it will take, and in this case, issues such as where to stay in Paris. To make it easier, therefore, it may be best for a person to engage in day trips, which will allow you to take as many tours as possible and not worry about accommodation. This is because you will easily go to the site and have plenty of time to get back to your hotel. Below we have therefore outlined some of 3 popular day trips that you can take from Paris:

1. Palace of Versailles

Built by King Louis the XIII, the Palace of Versailles has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in France. It takes about 1 hour to get to the palace from Paris and is thus frequented by millions of visitors annually, both locals and foreigners from overseas. The place started as the visiting lodge for the kings of France until King Louis XIV transformed the site into the glorious beautiful location that it is to date. Some of the most attractive features of the place include the Hall of Mirrors, a long room overlooking the garden and fitted with hundreds of mirrors that reflect the light coming into it. The room also has rich paintings across the ceiling, which speak of King Louis’s XIV reign. Other sights to behold include the Royal Chapel, in which regular activities such as weddings and baptisms were performed. The royal opera was a concert hall commissioned during the reign of King Louis the XIV and was used for feasts and balls. As you can see, the palace contains several places that you can tour, including the sculpted gardens surrounding it. It is, therefore, a great destination for a day trip.

2. Château de Chantilly

France is home to many palaces and castles, and hence it is more than likely that you will end up visiting quite a number of them during your stay there. The Château de Chantilly is one of these places and is only located about 55km away from Paris. It will therefore take you about an hour to get there, which is convenient for a day trip. This chateau is pretty special as it is surrounded by lakes and forests, and therefore has a peaceful vibe going along with it. Within the chateau is the Musee Conde which is home to lots of famous paintings, second after the Louvre. The French-style gardens surrounded by lakes also offer plenty of outdoor activities that one could do. You could take a walk within the labyrinth or boat ride, both of which are great for all ages.

3. Giverny

Claude Monet is a French painter who was captured by the beauty of Giverny, due to its proximity to the Seine river. At Giverny, you can thus easily take a tour of the famous painter’s home, as well as the beautiful gardens surrounding the place. These are the gardens that inspired his paintings. The place also has the famous bridge that has been included in many of his paintings, along with the water lilies. If you love being in nature and would like some time to disconnect, Giverny is therefore the place for you.

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