Korean plastic surgery: The best surgery for you

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Each person has their opinion of what characterises a fantastic nose. While measures and data may aid in establishing a good treatment plan, it is equally crucial to share your subjective assessment.

https://icloudhospital.com/ promises that you have the nose of your preferences. Because the nose accounts for one-third of the face’s total area, it must be proportionate to the other facial features. The optimum nose length is around one-third the length of the face, with a 45-degree angle between the bridge and tip of the nose. 

Preparation for Surgical Procedures

1. If practical, for at least two weeks before surgery, cease all undesired drugs and vitamins, including birth control pills, hormone prescriptions, vitamin supplements, aspirin, and other medications. Any medicine that is capable of inducing substantial bleeding should be avoided at all costs.

2. The healthier you are before surgery, the shorter your recovery will be. It is vital to refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages for at least three days previous to therapy. Consuming balanced meals, such as vegetables and fruits, may also assist in the healing process following surgery.

3. On the day of surgery, you should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes (zip-ups are good), and you should remove any jewellery, make-up, nail polish, and contact lenses, as well as your contact lenses if you use them.

4. You must fast for 4-6 hours before surgery, depending on the conclusion of your consultation, since most rhinoplasty surgeries are performed with a local anaesthetic and sedation. An eight-hour fast may be recommended in certain circumstances.

How to Look After Yourself Following Surgery

1. https://icloudhospital.com/ interpreter and support team will be accessible at all times, especially when you first regain consciousness after surgery. Our goal is to offer you the highest quality nursing care possible while recovering in the hospital. We will provide you with pumpkin porridge and juice to help you recuperate more quickly since these foods have been shown to do so.

2. You must utilise the ice packs since swelling may persist for up to three days before diminishing. The more ice you use, the faster you will recover. Because oedema does not spread uniformly on both sides, one side may swell much more than the other. Some people may also have puffiness around their eyes. Others have complained of bruising around the eyes that may persist for two weeks in difficult situations.

3. Maintain compliance with all suggested prescriptions until they expire, arrange periodic check-ups and cleanings, and sleep on your back whenever practical.

4. It is strongly advised that you avoid smoking and drinking for at least four weeks following surgery, as these activities may postpone your recovery and, maybe, your prognosis.

How to Look After Yourself Following Surgery

https://icloudhospital.com/ support and interpreter will be present at all times, even after you regain consciousness following treatment. We will nurse you with love and care, assist you in recovering in the clinic, provide pumpkin porridge and pumpkin juice for your recovery.

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