What Is Mmorpg Really and Is It Worth Playing

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There are many types of games. These are classic card games like blackjack or poker at tonybet.com, role-playing games, video games, and MMORPGs.

MMORPG is a genre of multiplayer role-playing games for computers, browsers, and mobile devices, where each player has his own character who can interact with other players in a large virtual world. In MMORPG, users develop their heroes, increasing their level, improving their skills, buying weapons and armor. They can also unite into clans and alliances, conquer territories and defeat world bosses.

The Most Famous MMORPGs

If a gamer from the CIS is asked to name the most popular MMORPGs, he will not have to think long.

World of Warcraft

The most famous MMORPG in the world is considered to be World of Warcraft from Blizzard. Despite the fact that the game is distributed on a paid subscription, it has been confidently leading in popularity all over the world for many years. WoW has become a legacy and, at the same time, a storyline continuation of the iconic strategies of the Warcraft series, which many remember from their childhood. It has all the elements inherent in classic fantasy: magic, epic boss battles, flying griffins, and huge scenic landscapes, the view of which will take your breath away.

Lineage 2

Despite the outdated graphics and oldschool gameplay, the cult Lineage 2 from the previously mentioned company NC Soft competes with WOW. This MMORPG appeared back in 2003. Since then, the game has changed beyond recognition. For example, in one of the latest chronicles, the maximum level was completely removed. Perhaps the best that Lineage 2 has to offer is its great combat system and great atmosphere. It is always pleasant and interesting to beat monsters, collect resources for crafting and fight at the Olympics for the title ofHeroon Friday evenings. Lineage 2 divides the MMORPG gaming experience intobeforeandafter“. When, after returning from anexcursionto other roleplaying games, you again find yourself in your homeworld somewhere on the hills of Dion, you realize that there was only a guest, but here you are at home.

EVE Online

But not all MMORPGs can boast of the romance of fantasy surroundings. EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online space game from CPP Games where every player is free to do whatever they want. If you want to fight and plunderplease. If you prefer mining or trading, no problem. Eva was released in 2003. Initially, like WOW, it was distributed through a paid subscription, but in 2016 it became shareware. In this game, you will have everything for a happy life in outer space: huge starships, battles with pirates, freedom of action, and the beauty of galactic landscapes.

Features of the Genre

The vast majority of MMORPGs are fantasy worlds with elves, dwarves, orcs, and other mythical creatures. However, there are other popular styles: space (for example, EVE Online), postapocalypse (for example, Stay Out), steampunk (for example, A: IR), and others. Moreover, such games can be not only threedimensional but also handdrawn 2D graphics

Character Development

A character in an MMORPG needs to be constantly developed. This is done in a variety of ways, from a banal leveling up to the most sophisticated combinations of parameters, talents, and skills. Here are the most common features of modern online role-playing games:

  • Level up,
  • Purchase of weapons/armor/jewelry/artifacts and other equipment,
  • Distribution of stat points (strength / dexterity / endurance and so on),
  • Distribution of talent points to enhance the character in certain aspects,
  • Upgrading the outfit with magic stones/scrolls/sets.

Moreover, the more serious the MMORPG, the more content there is. For example, in modern Lineage 2, there are already 11 ranks of equipment, starting with NG (No Grade) for beginners and ending with the R110 class for 110 levels and above. What can we say about the Path of Exile talent tree, one kind of which can leave you speechless?

Social Interaction

MMORPGs are played not so much for character development as for the opportunity to play with other players. Social interaction in online role-playing games includes:

  • Communication via chat / internal mail,
  • Creation of clans / orders / guilds / alliances,
  • Trade with other players,
  • Cooperative passage of instances / quests / dungeons,
  • Joint campaigns against world bosses,
  • PVP (Player vs Player) battles,
  • Sieges of castles / fortresses / cities,
  • Much more.

MMORPGs are huge virtual worlds, densely populated by people of all ages, nationalities, races, and beliefs.

Modern Trends

More and more modern MMORPGs are simplifying gameplay in order to attract a wider audience. For example, the recently released Lineage 2M, which millions of gamers around the globe have been waiting for, is in fact playing by itself. The player simply presses theAutoboybutton and his character begins to chop up monsters until he dies. Despite the absurdity of this process, Lineage 2M servers are packed to capacity.

The second, already a more robust trend of our time is the NONTarget combat system when it is impossible totargetthe enemy, but you have to really hit him with blows, magic, or shots. This aspect brings more unpredictability to battles. After all, now it is not enough to have a powerful weaponyou also need to be able to use it.

One of the best games with this kind of combat is the cult MMORPGshooter Warframe, where users play as space ninjas, destroying enemies with every imaginable and unthinkable type of weapon. Here you will find parkour, spectacular melee with swords, and spaceships, and bosses for cooperative passage. In a word, it will drag on for a long time and it is not a fact that it will let go.

The Harm and Benefits of MMORPG

There is an opinion that online games, like computer games in general, do only harm. This is a delusion, which has been confirmed by scientists more than once.

What’s more, neuroscientists have even developed a car racing game that helps older people maintain their mental acuity and mental alertness. The article says that games like this could extend the intellectual life of Alzheimer’s patients.

And There Are Many Such Studies.

The danger of MMORPGs lies only in the fact that they are too good, and therefore they are able to captivate a person so much that real life will become for him some unimportant intermediate stage between game sessions. But are games to blame for the fact that some are simply alien to the sense of proportion? You must answer this question yourself.

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