How Much Cheaper Are Wholesale Diamonds?

Did you know that you can get diamonds at a cheaper price if you go to wholesale stores? You can find stunning wholesale diamond dealers in Dallas, Texas if you live in this area or by simply searching for wholesale diamonds on your search engine, and you can check wholesale diamond prices. Getting diamonds near your location can be a good choice, so you can check them physically and visit their shops. How much cheaper are wholesale diamonds? Let’s find out.

How Much Do Wholesale Diamonds Cost?

The cost of wholesale diamonds can be affected by different factors, but it is said to cost 50% to 70% of the retail prices. Not bad right? Loose diamonds are the ones mostly sold wholesale. The good thing about it is they can sell per piece at a wholesale price. So, if you are looking for a diamond to put on your ring or jewelry, getting a loose diamond can be a good idea. 

Factors to Consider in Buying Wholesale Diamonds


Clarity of the diamond refers to how many inclusions there are? In pricing a diamond, the ones that have prominent inclusions can cost lower or higher, since this depends on the beauty of the stone when seen by the naked eye. 


The shape of diamonds can have an impact on the pricing. Prices fluctuate depending on its popularity. Most of the time, round diamonds are the most expensive diamonds when based on shape because they are more in demand. When diamonds are cut into shapes, the amount of rough wasted is measured and its value is weighed. This can add up to the cost of the diamond.   


Diamonds may look colorless, but they actually have colors actually, especially the lower grades. Colorless diamonds are more expensive, so some may opt to choose lower grades. However, the yellow tint present on the diamond can make it less expensive. Fluorescence also affects the pricing in two ways: If diamonds are from colorless to brownish, then the price is reduced since they can appear milky. On the other hand, greenish diamonds that fluoresce can appear saturated and will increase the value. 

Designer and Brands

If you buy diamonds from a popular wholesale store, expect a higher price, same with branded diamonds. You can, however, choose a less popular store. As long as their diamonds are certified by legit institutions, then they are still good. 

Can You Negotiate With A Diamond Wholesaler?

Yes, it is possible to negotiate when buying wholesale diamonds. But make sure that you have already done your research on diamonds before doing the negotiations. Having knowledge of the diamond’s features can help you encourage the salesperson that you can get the diamond you want at a lower price. If they see that you are familiar with diamonds, they will have less confidence in encouraging you to buy them at the price they offered. Also, make sure to get a certificate and receipt just in case you have issues with the diamonds you purchase in the future. 

What Is The Average Markup On Diamonds?

The average may range from 9% to 17.5% but can be higher depending on factors such as the quality of the diamond, location, type of diamond, the popularity of the wholesale store, and many more. Some may even markup up to 100% when it reaches retail stores, that’s why purchasing at a wholesale store can save you a lot of money. 

What Is A Wholesale Diamond Store?

Wholesale are the ones that sell in bulk to retail stores. They follow a standard pricing competition that will not be too tight. They also have a variety of loose diamonds to choose from; they offer discounts depending on the bulk the buyer wants to buy. 

Now that you know the answer to how much cheaper are wholesale diamonds? Maybe you can opt to visit several wholesale diamond stores to check on offers and check the quality of their diamonds. For individual purchases, you can ask a friend to refer you, so they can sell a few diamonds for your personal use and get it at a lower price. Diamonds are expensive. Getting them at a wholesale price can be a good opportunity to save money and get the diamond you need for you or your special someone.