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The number of free games available to modern gamers is unprecedented. You can play a game you enjoy anywhere or anytime these days. To entice gamers, many of the most popular online games use the free-to-play model. There are free games to play on Steam, in your browser, and on your smartphone. You don’t always need the most recent AAA blockbuster or a free battle royale game. Maybe you’ve got a nostalgic itch that has to be scratched?

New video games are released every day. The latest console games, from Animal Crossing to Red Dead Redemption 2, typically take up most of our screen time. But we’ll never forget the first game we all played together. You might believe that such games, like some of our favourite nostalgic shows on which they’re based, are a thing of the past. However, thanks to the internet, you can still play some of those games and refresh your memory in ways you never thought possible. Let’s look at some of the best titles that will never get old in our eyes.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a PlayStation adaptation of the famous 1997 game. With some new additions, the game is a faithful version of the original classic. It includes complete controller compatibility, on-screen controls, various accomplishments, six language support, and a new continue feature. As a result, the game has the feel of a classic Castlevania game. It’s an arcade platformer with horror and hack-and-slash aspects, and one half of the classic games that went on to start the “Metroidvania” genre – the other, of course, being Metroid. The re-release is a great game all around, and it’s relatively cheap with no additional in-app purchases or ads. Of course, being a 20+-year-old game, it shows its age in some respects, but it’s still a blast to play.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Sega, which should be a household name for you if you were into console gaming in the 1990s, has introduced the Sega Forever service, which allows you to play the developer’s iconic old games for free on Android devices. Run and turn through the gigantic loops in your journey to save the world from the evil doctor Eggman, collect the rings, and kill the adversaries. For a limited time, there is a new game mode with a greater frame rate than the original game. A perfect opportunity to enjoy a retro game with some modern conveniences!


Tetris is still one of the most popular video games of all time, regardless of platform. Whether you stick with the classic block-building engine or attempt one of the various modes, which provide bonuses and new difficulties, the current mobile version is a joy to play. You may also keep track of your progress over time by using the score tracker. In addition, this version improves on the original graphics: it may not seem exactly like the Tetris you remember, but it looks great on phones and tablets.


Pac-man is a game that everyone enjoys. This legendary hit has been officially ported to Android and iOS in various incarnations, some of which emulate the vintage arcade game and others that have more modern graphics and gameplay. If you’re searching for an essential classic, Bandai Namco’s PAC-MAN app has you covered. Do you prefer to work with 3D graphics? PAC-MAN Kart Rally is also available on Google Play through Bandai.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a classic game from years ago. It’s the Frogger of this generation. A chicken is bounced across numerous highways and streams. You ‘re tasked with the chicken’s safe crossing, which means you’ll have to navigate all kinds of obstacles on the way. It’s a straightforward arcade game that’s both family-friendly and enjoyable. There are also several unlockable characters, and it’s compatible with Android TV. It hits all of the right notes and the gameplay is reminiscent of a classic retro game. The free-to-play features are purely aesthetic. To play or excel at this game, you don’t need any money.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic

RollerCoaster Tycoon boasts many unique elements, such as highly detailed isometric graphics, a rich gameplay experience, and the challenge of figuring out the best ways to run your theme park. The ultimate appeal, of course, is the insane roller coaster designs you get to create. In addition, you may now play this game on your phone or tablet, with many (but not all) of the same features that made the 1999 original so addictive.

Space Invaders

Many people remember playing Space Invaders. Now anyone can relive the iconic game on their Android device thanks to a thinly veiled clone called ‘Space Intruders.’ The spaceship in ‘Space Intruders’ isn’t comparable to the original arcade game in that it fires automatically; nonetheless, this is important for playing on a touchscreen because otherwise, your fingers would get in the way.


DOOM I and II are the epitome of retro FPS games. These mobile ports are exact replicas of the originals, with a few extra features. Cheats are included in the games, and DOOM II offers 20 additional levels. It’s classic DOOM in terms of gameplay. Players progress by running around each level, killing bad guys as they go. In addition to being enjoyable, the ports are well-made, and the games appear to be well-received – especially now that Bethesda has corrected a number of the game’s early issues.

Wrap Up

Whichever retro game you choose, you’re sure to have a blast!

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