Parcel Delivery Service Trends Of 2021 And Beyond

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The COVID-19 health crisis has affected businesses across all sectors, but the courier sector has managed to benefit and continues to grow and succeed. According to Apex Insight, the global parcels market reached over $500 billion in value in 2020 from less than $450 billion in 2018. Almost every business worldwide is going through a difficult phase since the beginning of the health pandemic. Both multi-national and small corporations have been forced to close, increasing demand for parcel delivery services. And as e-commerce continues to play a critical role in retail, consumer demand for same-day delivery for every package will increase. So, if you’re interested in establishing your courier franchise, now is the best time. Market experts predict that the industry will grow drastically, creating numerous opportunities for prospective shippers. However, to thrive, you’ll need to understand the industry’s best practices. Below are some parcel delivery service trends of 2021 and beyond.

Earth-friendly packaging and shipping practices

Although consumers are still shopping online, they are conscious of their impact on the environment. Today’s consumers question the need for excess packaging and are keen to choose sustainable delivery options. To meet consumer needs and expectations, shipping companies have replaced packaging and filling materials with recyclable alternatives. Other environmentally-friendly packaging and shipping practices include providing carbon-neutral shipping, transporting parcels in bulk, and reducing package sizes. Courier services are also providing a returns program for empty packaging to promote sustainability.

Wide range of delivery options

Consumers like choices, and shippers want to tap into this opportunity. Throughout 2021, shippers will continue expanding their carrier networks to ensure they reach local and regional carriers. For example, UPS and FedEx will enhance their alliance with Dollar General, Walgreens, and Michaels. Doing so is a sure way of reducing delivery costs while providing customers with various delivery options. Some delivery options e-commerce websites offer include next-day delivery, curbside pickup, and collect in-store.
When selecting ecom delivery services, modern-day consumers expect everything delivered fast. And these expectations won’t slow down anytime soon. Ideally, customers prefer spending more on convenient and speedy delivery services like next-day delivery instead of free delivery. Collecting in-store services is another option that is set to grow in popularity. It’s worth noting this service doesn’t require consumers to have a store network. Most third-party carriers like UPS Access Point provide alternative pickup points, while Amazon can offer this service through a network of lockers.

Increased on-demand delivery services

In addition to increased demand for sustainable delivery services, consumers want packages delivered with the shortest possible timeline. Because of this, shippers are providing on-demand delivery services. These services guarantee convenient and quick deliveries, so customers don’t have to worry about delays or goods, especially perishable ones getting damaged. On-demand courier services also benefit businesses by allowing order tracking, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs linked to owning and maintaining a fleet.
With many people working from home due to the health pandemic, e-commerce will continue growing, driving demand for parcel delivery. How retailers and shippers manage increased demand for parcel deliveries will determine courier service trends for 2021 and the coming years. Currently, delivery service trends include sustainability, high demand for on-demand delivery services, carrier options, and the use of advanced tech like drones to deliver parcels.

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