Why Everyone Is Talking About Passive Token

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Passive Token ($PASV) is a new cryptocurrency on the market that is offering the community a unique way of generating monthly passive income. The token is the first to be fully compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership of businesses, technologies, or assets powered by blockchain. It is community-driven and was designed to add real-use change to the industry where the community can stake in specific projects such as real estate.

How Does It Work?

Passive Token allows the community to stake in project-specific assets such as real estate to generate income through fractional ownership. Each holder will have a chance to stake in different projects and in return, earn rewards. The rewards are automatically distributed by token contract as it accrues (4% fee reflections) each transaction.

Passive Token ($PASV) is a new innovative and cutting edge opportunity that will allow cryptocurrency to enter the real economy, while also offering investors a direct share in assets of the future. Investors and token holders have the chance to stake in a variety of assets directly through $PASV.

Passive Token Benefits

Passive Token offers a number of benefits to the community: No inherent value – The tokens are pre-mined and designed to create greater community participation in the growth of a business or any number of other projects for as long as the token exists. Multiple Assets – With $PASV, your dollar (or crypto), is spread out among multiple different assets and opportunities. This also means lesser risk and longer-term benefits – This lowers the risk of loss and also provides an opportunity for long-term benefits.

Ecosystem-Driven: The token is built on top of a unique platform built for different industries and targeted for community-driven use. Passive Token is different from other tokens in that it aims to provide all the infrastructure needed for projects that only require token holders to have some technical knowledge.

The Future of Passive Token and Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency is an amazing technology that will change the world as we know it. However, this technology alone can only bring forth success if used as a means to advance the whole concept of financial freedom, a lifestyle that involves growing wealth for the investor and the greater benefit to the community as a whole.

Cryptocurrency is a popular topic these days, especially with the different altcoins arising and quick buck schemes, but Passive Token has taken measures to avoid this from happening by creating a structured road map that will provide opportunities for the community and the participating token holders. Passive Token is a chance to become a part of something bigger, something impactful that will help the community generate passive income together.

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