Crazy Waterslides Add Fun To Amusement Parks

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Water parks are theme parks with swimming pools and other water-based amusements. Water parks are full of slides, sprinklers, pools, fountains, and roller coasters that make a splash. If you are looking for a new slide to add to your existing waterpark or if you are doing research for an entirely new venture, Vortex waterslides can answer all of your questions! Park owners and investors often contact us with questions about the types of waterslides we have available and the specifications of each slide. In an effort to answer these questions, we have summarized the types of waterslides we offer and are sharing that information with you today. 

Explore the different types of water slides we offer below!

Tower Of Poseidon- One of the most adrenaline-rushing waterslides in the world is the Tower Of Poseidon. Anaconda is the world’s largest waterslide. The Anaconda water slide, which stretches over 1.2 meters, allows people over 1.2 meters tall to ride. You’ll enter the world’s largest fibreglass tube through a dark tunnel that’s even more exciting.

Zoomerango: Zoomerango consists of two waterslides inside the Anaconda slide. With many twists and turns, it is one of the largest water slides in the UAE. You can speed through twists and turns on dual waterslides inside the Anaconda. The Zoomerango will surely keep you entertained as you slide through vertical zooms and mega plummets.

Poseidon’s Revenge: If you want to plunge at 60 kmph, step inside this capsule. In one of the most exciting rides, water capsules zoom through a tunnel that leads to a shark tank. Once you enter, wait for your feet to be able to slide along the floor and propel upwards.

Body Slides : Waterparks are not complete without body slides, and there is no shortage of options, making them an excellent option for parks of all types. A body slide is the right choice for anyone looking for a large or small slide, an open or enclosed design, or just another slide to add to your park, indoors or outdoors.

Speed Slides: For any park looking to appeal to adrenaline junkies everywhere, speed slides are a great option. A variety of colors are available for both individual and tandem speed slides, so you can match your park’s aesthetic.

Drop Slides: They provide a thrilling plunge into the depths of the pool at the end of a fun, budget-friendly option. You can add drop slides to existing pools or construct an entirely new attraction with drop slides.

Family Slides & Kiddie Racers: Slides aren’t just for the big kids and adults! A waterslide manufacturer that caters to families understands the importance of safe slides for children. The family slides and kiddie racers at your park provide a fun, safe option for parents and their young children. There is enough room on these slides for parents and older children to accompany children. Slides could be customized for your park with hundreds of color options and multiple lane choices!

SplashBowls: Adding SplashBowls to any waterpark will enhance the experience. The rider begins at the top with a fast body slide, then launches into the SplashBowl. By spinning around and around the pool and plummeting into its bottom, they are holding to the wall by centrifugal forces. SplashBowls offer you a waterslide experience unlike any other!

Raft Slides: As park visitors tumble through the tunnels and slide down raft slides, they are kept guessing by twists and turns. Waterslide manufacturers can also offer raft slides in a variety of colors, as well as light and sound options to match the theme of your park.There are so many options for waterslides, a person who is new to the waterpark world might not know exactly where to begin. Vortex aquatic are one of the leading aquatic structures of water slides in the United States, and work hard to help you choose the right option for your needs and budget.

River Rides: The best way to enjoy waterpark rides is in an inner tube while wading through streams, zero-depth pools, and of course, the rapids. Throughout 1.6 kilometers of river course, you can surf through waves in Rapids. For adventurers who can take up the challenge of swimming through tidal surges, you can head to The Torrent where over 1 meter long waves will bewilder you.


It can be argued that fun is today’s most relished verb.  Water splash pools seem to be a popular summer activity among children. All a family long is fun with adventure for each member. As a result, humans resort to various activities to enjoy a little bit of delight from this weary world. Outdoor and indoor water parks both offer a wide range of fun rides and attractions, ranging from the standard slides to wave pools, lily pads, basketball hoops. With interactive water structures, you can pour water, tip buckets, and get wet on different levels. If the park is large enough, all of these attractions might be available.

At vortex we provide many different rides with complete safety.Flexible for all sizes of aquatic play areas with a varying mix of products based on footprint, guest age range, and different budgets for hotels to choose from.  From splash pads to play structures, we can help design and configure products depending on what your establishment needs. Our multi-level play structures are exploratory paths up and fun slides down and are packed with interactive water features, that keep kids happy for ages. Ultimately, the aquatic attractions you want to include in your venue should maximize the space, accommodate your hotel’s capacity, and differentiate you from the competition.

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