Crypto Whales Swim To Plan B, SafeTitan ICO Now In August, Musk & Hoskinson Talk Future Of DOGE Coin

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It’s not the time to sleep on Bitcoin, Ethereum, nor DOGE.  Though prices are down, this is normal in financial markets, historically.  This is especially true in June and September, even with the world famous Stock Exchange.  Buying in on crypto coin ICO launches like STTN and EverRise, will still yield earnings to those who get in early.  The main rule of trading tokens is the same as S&P,  buy when everything’s red (losing) and  reap rewards of coming green (gains) season.

Buy Crypto Coins Now

Jack McDonald, CEO of digital asset firm Polysign, is a pure advocate of this reasoning.    He says the recent pullback of cryptos is a good sign of a healthy market.  The millionaire-investor says people should view the current times of cryptos as a buying opportunity.  He especially believes this for the leading value-holder, Bitcoin.

Paypal seems to agree there is long-term stay in the BTC token as well. Today they pushed up the limit on Cryptocurrency purchases that can be done by customers.   Via the company news room, they announced United States Paypal users can now purchase up to $100,000 in currencies weekly.Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are currently accepted by the on-line payments platform.  The news  has not driven a market gain yet.  However, this news is important as it adds potential for a sharp increase in daily token usage, which would decrease available supply. Such a change would push up prices.

 And even more interesting, there’s some crypto whales like Elon Musk and Charles Hoskinson agree on potential for growth.

DOGE is The Future

Musk & Hoskinson believe DOGE is the token of the future.  However, this is only if key developers hop on-board to increase the meme token’s usability.

And while the price of the Dogecoin has slipped to 19 cents,  there will be a certain level of stability there thanks to the Tesla founder’s investment.   Elon says he will not sell his tokens anytime soon, an ultimate Hodler.  And it’s rumored Musk owns nearly 30% of the total current supply or 36-billion Dogecoins.  If true, this will keep a stable floor under the Shiba Inu faced token.

New Cryptocurrency ICO Launches for July

As the talk around established coins is always eminent, it’s not the most profitable to many on-line users.   New crypto coins ‘moon shooting’ is the rage on reddit & twitter.

What is a “Crypto Moon shoot” exactly?  In layman’s terms it’s when a new token brand launches their initial coin offering for a fraction of the DEX-day pricing.

July’s Cryptocoin ICO launches that have been buzzing include several tokens according to CoinMarketCap & others.


$STTN token had their initial coin offering planned for July but has pushed it back to a new date, August 14th. The price at launch will be .005 cents with a max purchase of $1,000 allowed.

Reason for ICO delay is a positive.  The brand touts hiring new tech experts.  This change was made to increase user securities, which is gravely important in the ever-changing cryptocurrency world. There is also scaling around token-usability plans, which includes cross-chain link technology for the BEP20 token.

The security upgrades are a must as the brand, dubbed the China Coin, hopes to raise a $1-Million Dollar market cap once at public offering stages.

A pre-sale may take place via the official website at the end of the month. It will be exclusive to those registered  on their ICO app.  Updates are being made through the SafeTitan blog, facebook & twitter announcements throughout the week, follow closely.

STTN token platform will have anti-whale technology to limit pump-and-dump activities done by crypto-whales.

UnagiSwap Finance

$UNAGI targeted a sum of $400k in their ICO debut on July 16th.   The company hopes to eradicate some of the fees being charged by Decentralized Indexes, preying on cross-chain linking fees.

A BEP-20 token, just as STTN, it will charge a 10% transaction fee  that redistributed to holders of the token immediately after usage.  In layman’s terms, fees go back to the users, blocking pools and exchange wallets from  profiting off those that use the UnagiSwap token.

Free tokens rewards will also be given to HODLERS.    This helps ease the idea of using this tokens,  as users of this crypto don’t have to gamble on what it will cost tomorrow to send or receive.


With CasinoCoin pretty much leading the cryptocurrency charge into the casino gambling world, it’s clear other derivatives of the niche are necessary.    From sports betting to  odds on YouTube stars, there’s many different open spaces for coins to fit in the gambling industry.

DeRace is entering the gambling space, looking to become the prime token for betting on horse races.  However, it is not for physical horses, it’s for the digital world of NFTs.

Built on it’s own Blockchain system, DeRace aka DERC tokens, is a complete horse racing ecosystem.   Users will not only be able to bet on horses, but alo breed and train their animals.

To fuel the entire digi-verse, DERC hopes to raise $2.04-million-dollars in two days.  The DeRace cryptocoin will have it’s ICO launch begin on July 26th.    The end date will be July 28th.

Several investors are already behind the token.  This includes DAO maker, Wings Capital, Animoca Brands, X21, CMS, and several others.

Nations Giving Tax Benefits To Crypto-Millionaires

After the market fall in May there’s buzz about a major crypto moon shoot era coming. A hyper run that could see people increase wealth 100x in a week.  Even governments have been clamoring to get their hands on gains via taxing cryptos.  However, Plan B passport founder Katie Ananina is helping people dodge the government’s greed. Fueled by modern ideologies of how taxes should work in a decentralized banking world, she believes people should limit their dependency on any one government or state.

Ananina believes Crypto Whales should start embracing the ‘flag theory,’ and swim towards friendlier waters.  This means moving to nations that are competing to attract the tax dollars of wealthy Bitcoiners, Ethereum HODLERS, and crypto tycoons.    She elaborated on those ideas with CoinDesk TV in a recent interview, where she specifies her beliefs and why she’s helping.

The Russian-immigrants ideals are bold and daring  However, many could argue we’re in a age where everything is changing in the same way which she is thinking. Physical money is changing into digital currency that has no government.  Jobs are being replaced by robots.

Perhaps we should start thinking about transitioning towards independency of government and contributing more as tribes and communities.

Can’t Stop The Tokens, Cryptocoins Forever

Physical money is already becoming outdated, maybe people in ‘fancy buildings’ with power to run communities and cities and states, are as well.

As governments like the United States and those of the European Union have waged silent economic wars on Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and various Nations of Africa, one thing has become the light at the end of the tunnel. According to various news reports in 2021, people are getting help for themselves without governments, through cryptos.   Tokens like Bitcoin and Monero are saving men, women, and children from starvation and health crises.   Even the SafeTitan token, who’ ICO launches on August 14th, hopes to join the trend of aiding international users

Because of such efforts and cross-bridging of societies and communities without the hands of dynasties driven by tax monies and laws,  many wish to stop Cryptocurrencies.  However, it’s simply too late. Trillions of dollars invested into the market between Tokens, NFTs, and technology built to utilize them.

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