Get Extra Storage With a Tacoma Center Console Storage Rack

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If you’re like many people across the US who drive their trucks every day and soon find that those essential items you need to take with you are cluttering things up, then you need an innovative storage solution that maximizes every square millimeter. A popular option for this where Toyotas are concerned is the Tacoma center console. 

Generally speaking, when people are looking for places to put things when going out, it’s the center console and it doesn’t take long for items to build up to unmanageable proportions. There’s your sunglasses, receipts, combs, hair scrunchies and small change and it all gets stuffed inside to the point where it starts to overflow and really become an issue. 

Enter the Tacoma Center Console Modular Storage Panel

Ok, so you use your center console for whatever it is that you need to store and there is really no right or wrong way to do it. However, when you start to run out of space, there is another way to ensure that you don’t have to start making some important decisions like:

  • Do I really need those cup holders?
  • Do those anti-car sickness pills need to come along for the ride?
  • Should I leave my windscreen ice scraper behind?

The items that you store are completely up to you, but you get the point – you’re left having to justify the most important things that you actually need just to create some extra space. 

This is unless you try a fabricated modular storage panel that’s designed and manufactured to fit over your center console – instantly offering increased capacity. That’s because the modular panel we’re talking about lets you make use of the sides of your center console, meaning you can take everything with you that you could possibly need.

Ideal for Contractors and Tradespeople

If you work in construction, plumbing or as an electrical contractor, you pretty much live in your truck, so there are lots of frequently used things that you’d like to keep within close proximity and that you don’t want to store in the back and expose them to the elements. However, with a Tacoma center console molle panel in place, that’s not really a problem.

As well as allowing you to find a place to hang your sunglasses, this type of storage panel allows you to attach a wide range of accessories. You could be talking about a holster for a hammer set, storage for your multimeter or a fist grab attached to hold that screwdriver that you use multiple times a day. 

Good tradesmen tend to be those who are super-organised and with one of these little beauties installed, you’ll have a place for pretty much everything. 

The Tacoma Center Console – For All Your Storage Needs

When buying yours, we’d go for high quality center console storage mounts like those offered by companies. Of course, you’ll need a bridge to fit your console storage panel on to and they’ll typically fit both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. 

There is a little drilling involved, so we’d recommend having a professional install them for you, but once they’re in, you’ll instantly notice the extra storage they offer. And that’s about the long and short of it and where we end this blog.

Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve found this article useful. 

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