5 Things You Didn’t Know About Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish is a 19 year old American singer-songwriter that has taken the world by storm. She is an idol to not just her generation but also to those who came before her and those who will come after her.

Although she is often critiqued by staunch traditionalists for her out-of-the-box style, Billie continues to be whoever she wants to be. She teaches young minds everywhere that being who you are is not a crime.

Hardcore fans of Billie Eilish would say that they know everything that there is to know about her. But here are 5 things that even the strongest of fans may not know. Take a look and see what you missed about the life of your favorite star, and see the answer to the burning question of whether or not she is gay?

1. Wish You Were Gay

Billie has faced quite a lot of controversy around her song “Wish you were gay.” At the time, many people accused the singer of queerbaiting. The song also brought out the question of her own sexuality, and people began asking, is Billie Eilish gay?

To answer simply, Billie has not declared her sexual orientation. However, Billie has made it quite clear that she is a staunch supporter of equal rights. She believes everyone should live their own lives the way they choose.

2. She’s Got Music In Her Blood

Billie comes from a long line of musical professionals. One could say that she learned to sing and dance to the beat of a drum before she even learned to walk and talk. Her family gave her the courage and support she needed to become the musical star we know today. Without their support, guidance, and love, Billie believes that she might have been a completely different person.

Of particular importance is Billie’s brother Finneas, a musician himself. It was Finneas who wrote and produced Ocean Eyes, the song that propelled Billie Eilish to fame. He still co-writes and produces many of Billie’s songs alongside managing his own music career.

3. Quirky Middle Name

When hearing the name Billie Eilish, one wouldn’t say that it is a completely average name. However, take one look at Billie’s birth certificate, and you’ll see that her parents had quite a sense of humor. No wonder Billie is as unorthodox as she is!

Officially, her parents named her Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell after her brother nicknamed her “Pirate” before her birth. What girl with the middle name pirate wouldn’t be just a little quirky!

4. Tourette’s Syndrome

Many people, especially casual fans, do not know that Billie has suffered from this neurological disorder her entire life. Tourette syndrome is defined as uncontrolled physical movements, which can make daily living extremely difficult.

Billie’s journey in dealing with this disorder has not been easy, but with support from family, friends, and good mental health professionals, Billie has become a beacon of hope for others that suffer from Tourette’s.

5. Billie Has A Big Heart For Fan Art

Billie has often been seen being given fan art by her beloved fans. Rather than throwing them away, she collects all the pieces of fan art she receives! Being a creative herself, Billie loves looking at the creativity her fans bring to life through art.

Once, she actually spotlighted artist Kaylee Yang after receiving one of her drawings as fan art. Billie and her brother stated that their parents placed a lot of importance on creativity growing up, and that is not evident in Billie’s appreciation of the arts!

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