Car Ownership Costs: 3 Online Resources That Can Help You Save Money on Your Vehicle

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Buying a vehicle is a complicated process, and it is one of the most pricy purchases one can make in life. Car ownership offers a sense of flexibility and the opportunity to travel anywhere, at any time.

However, the freedom and convenience come at a hefty price. Owning a car is a big responsibility that takes a meaningful long-term financial commitment. In fact, some unprepared first-time owners are often shocked to discover how much money their automobile actually costs them.

When auto expenses begin to pile up, it can have a serious effect on any household budget, leaving you with less money for other essentials, such as rent, food, or clothes.

Fortunately, there are websites and mobile apps that can help individuals save money and keep their family budget under better control. Here are three sites that help you keep more dollars in your wallet.

Dirt-Cheap Central

We live in a digital age where consumers are constantly using the web to look for the cheapest deals for whatever they want to buy. Some websites make it easier to find the lowest prices for everyday products and services, saving shoppers money and precious time. helps frugal Americans find the places that offer the most competitive prices for anything the ever-expanding e-commerce market has to offer.

Car owners, who want to reduce the costs of owning, operating, and maintaining a vehicle, can use this guide to find some of the most affordable auto insurance options. DirtCheapCentral also lists online shopping sites that sell auto parts and tires at the most competitive prices.


GasBuddy’s database offers a quick and easy way to find real-time fuel prices at gas stations all over the United States (and even in Canada and Australia as well). The company’s Android and Apple app displays prices of nearby gas stations, helping deal-hunting consumers who want to save money at the pump find the best deal.

Commuters, professional drivers, car renters, road trip travelers, and any other frequent vehicle users who wish to avoid paying full price for every gallon they purchase can use this tool to increase their savings on fuel.


Unexpected car repairs are among the list of expensive issues that car owners are forced to deal with. Not only is it frustrating to spend the money on the repairs, but it can also quickly deteriorate into a difficult financial situation if not done correctly.

This is where Openbay comes into the picture.

This popular smartphone app operates a digital marketplace for automotive repair and maintenance services. It enables users to choose a service, compare multiple competitive estimates from vetted service providers in their area, and schedule an appointment with the chosen one.

The app can potentially help consumers save money on one of the most dreaded situations and simplify the entire process.

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