Youtuber Nick Ponte Take’s Online Education To A Whole New Level

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Back in 2015, it seemed like every time you watched a video on YouTube you were met with the now infamous words “here in my garage.” This ad, which to the casual viewer may not have seemed like it was trying to sell anything, consisted of a man, showing off his expensive cars and hundreds of books in with the production quality and style of someone who was just casually filming themselves on their smartphone.

While this ad may have seemed to some like nothing more than annoying self promotion, it can be pinpointed as the advent of entrepreneurs using YouTube as a platform to teach others how they can be successful too.

Unfortunately, many of these self-proclaimed titans who hopped on this trend were just offering the same outdated knowledge, empty words, and pushes for their viewer to buy-ins to courses where they could “learn the secret” for x amount more a month.

That is until Nick Ponte. Before creating his YouTube channel, Ponte had already made a name for himself in the education and entrepreneurial space. He and his business partner Tom Gaddis had founded the now multi-million dollar company Offline Sharks, as a way to teach people how to gain financial freedom by walking them through the strategies that worked for them as well as shedding light on those that did not.

Every Sunday Nick Ponte uploads a video to his YouTube channel which boasts an impressive 9,700+ active subscribers, covering one of many topics that want-to-be entrepreneurs should know.

What further sets him apart from other “guru’s” on the platform is that he draws from real-life experiences, usually ones that have occurred within the past week. 

His most recent YouTube video, for example, covers what exactly a tax write off is and how you can use this to your benefit, while still operating in the confines of the law. 

Ponte also documents the not so glamorous side of being a self-made millionaire. A recent video dives into what it was like to lose a recurring $800 a month client. He divulges what went into their departure and uses this as a way to teach viewers what they can and can’t avoid in an interaction like this.

As a result of being one of the only entrepreneurs on YouTube whose aim is to teach and share information, Nick Ponte has quickly become the most trusted resource and inspiration for professionals across the globe.

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