Ways to Boost Your Nursing Career and Get Promoted

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According to a saying: The largest room in the world is room for improvement. Humans are evolving and improving how they do things. Nowhere does improvement matter more than in the healthcare industry because the stakes are higher.

Research suggests nurses are the largest occupational group globally. Therefore, there is a lot of competition in this field. Furthermore, there are many roles in the nursing sector, so there is a lot of room for growth. But promotions are difficult to come by in such an environment. To become eligible for a promotion at work, you must put in some extra effort. And since nurses already work crazy hours, going above and beyond might look like a big challenge.

But do not worry. There are some tips you can follow to get promoted and unlock your potential at work. Just apply these methods, and you will be up for a promotion in no time.

It is cool to go back to school

The queue to the top in nursing is not linear. Therefore, many people go to school to ascend to the next level. Indeed, some hospitals have a minimum postgraduate degree requirement for management positions. 

Some specialties predict mass deficiencies of doctors, and nurses with the right credentials can fill these positions. Indeed, the family medicine specialty predicts a shortage of one million doctors by 2025. So, enrolling in family nurse practitioner programs will help you rise to the challenge. You might even find that you are passionate about family nursing. However, getting a degree is not just about your resume. According to experts, degrees make nurses better carers. Furthermore, college is an excellent place to network. You can also get a sense of the opportunities in your field by meeting people from different sectors. What’s more, you can always add to your credentials by further educating yourself. Today, courses in life-saving skills such as the PALS certification online training can equip you with the necessary knowledge to further boost your career.

Do not wait to get the perfect job

It is a big mistake to put off getting your career going. Choosing a field of study is a big decision. And young nurses often feel overwhelmed by the varied specializations they can choose. Our advice is not to get too bogged down in specifics. 

No matter which degree you choose, there will always be something you can do with it in the future. Indeed, the best thing about nursing is that there are many routes to the same destination. Often people start in different sectors and make career moves to land in a better role. And you know that perfect job you are looking for? Well, it will not happen unless you start somewhere and put in some effort.

Find a Mentor

No one can do things on their own. A mentor can let you know about the industry secrets to getting ahead in your field. So, find a mentor with similar aspirations and interests. Mentors who believe in you can improve your confidence and make you a better nurse. 

Not only that, but members can also help you meet new people and network. But mentorship is all about giving back to the community. Therefore, you should be open to mentoring young professionals as well. It will show your supervisors that you work well as a leader.

Make a career plan

It is always better to put things in writing to visualize your progress. Write down your short-term and long-term goals so that you can work in a specific direction. Then write down all the steps you will need to fulfill all these goals. 

But take note of the certifications, degrees, and training you will need to achieve your dreams. Your mentor can also suggest some tips. You can also write down the skills you want to learn so that you remain motivated.

Do something you love

Confucius says that choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. And we agree with the sentiment. The thing is that nursing is a demanding profession. You must deal with cranky patients and make tough decisions. 

So, things can become miserable if you do not enjoy what you do. And chances are you are making others unhappy as well. Such an attitude will also alienate you with your peers and send a negative message to your supervisors. Comparatively, nurses who enjoy their work are more likely to get promoted as they work hard and help others. So, do what you love and enjoy your job.

Take time for yourself

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Nurses have a crazy work/life balance, so they are more susceptible to burnout. It can affect your mental and physical health. Not only that, but it can also harm your work performance. Therefore, you must schedule some time for yourself. Spend some time with friends and family to let your hair down.

Brush up on your communication skills

As a nurse, you must communicate with many different people. From patients to doctors to your peers, most of your time might be spent talking about things. Nurses are usually the bearer of bad news, so they must be sensitive when relaying information to patients. Patients and their families might get offended if they feel that the other person is not being honest. Therefore, having excellent communication skills is a fundamental requirement for nurses. And the farther you go up the nurse career ladder, the vital communication skills are for you. But do not undermine the value of feedback. Work on your communication skills to advance to a management-oriented role.

Volunteer for things

Broaden your skills by volunteering for assignments. A nurse with a broader range of experience is always preferred over other candidates for promotions. The new skills you learn in these roles can help you when you get a promotion. Furthermore, working in different nursing units can help you understand your likes and dislikes.

Read a lot

In a digitalized world, there are millions of resources at your fingertips. Why not take advantage of them to ascend the career ladder? Follow blogs to keep yourself up to date about the latest in your field. You can also learn new techniques and learn about medical intervention techniques in the profession.


While it is necessary to brush up on your skills and experience, remember that this profession is usually all about the patients. The chances are that you became a nurse to help others and change the world. So, the best thing you can do is become a better nurse. Listen to your patients and advocate for them. Be a professional and act like one. Promotions and accolades will follow if you get better at your job.

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