How to Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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Getting your wisdom teeth pulled can be quite the ordeal, and there are a few necessary measures as well as some additional precautionary ones that you can take to ensure that your procedure goes as smoothly and as safely as possible. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know before you head into your wisdom teeth extraction…

Organise Transport

You’re going to need to organise a means of transport to and from your appointment. After your wisdom teeth are removed, you’re going to be very drowsy and likely in a bit of pain, no condition to be driving around or hopping on the bus. Make sure that you have a friend or a family member ready to get you home and into bed after your appointment in order to put yourself in the best position possible to get healing and rested. 

Clear your Schedule

Wisdom teeth extraction is a big undertaking and one that you need sufficient recovery time from to get yourself back to health. This means that you’ll absolutely need to take at least a few days off work (ideally, a week) in order to get yourself the rest and recuperation that your body really needs to heal. You’ll need a good set up on the couch or in your bed with plenty of entertainment, hydration, soft food and medication to get you through this rest period comfortably. 

Prepare the Painkillers

Speaking of medication! Your doctor might prescribe you some strong medication in order to manage your pain effectively, but regardless of whether this is the case or not, you’ll want to have a stash of over the counter painkillers on hand to ensure that you’re covered for moments of particular pain during your recovery time. Your mouth will be incredibly tender and susceptible to painful twangs, and there won’t be much comfort or rest happening without the aid of some form of pain medication. Prepare yourself by stocking up your stash. You might also want to get some antibacterial mouthwash in for a week or two after your extraction just to ensure that all is healing healthily. Your dentist can help to advise on what brands or products might be best for your particular procedure. 

Stock up on Soft Foods

You’ll only be able to consume soft foods for at least a week, so you’ll want to prep yourself ahead of time and get plenty of easy to eat snacks and meals in before you head into your wisdom teeth removal. Think ice cream, yogurt, mashed potatoes, mashed carrots, soft tuna and smoothies. Get more than you think you might need to really set yourself up for a good week or two, the last thing you want is to crunch down on something just to find that you’re not quite healed enough, this will be painful and will set you back a few days – not really worth it! Avoid drinking any of your smoothies or water through a straw as this can cause a dislodgement in your healing pockets, again setting you back significantly. 

Step up your First Aid

You’ll need to have a lot of cotton balls, ice packs and heat packs on hand to help with bleeding and pain management. You may already have a few of these items but it is important that you step up your first aid a bit prior to your wisdom teeth removal. 

Follow these preparations to put yourself in the best position possible when you’re going into your wisdom tooth extraction. You’ll be healed, happy and healthy in no time. 

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