Legal Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2021

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When you think of a Law office, images of dusty file boxes and computers running Windows 98 may enter your mind, but not anymore.

The legal industry is getting a much-needed face-lift in 2021. Law trends are moving towards the adoption of cutting-edge technology and modern developments. Most, if not all, industries are benefiting from technological advancements. And now, legal firms are joining the revolution.

Keep reading as we outline upcoming legal trends and provide insight into what’s new this year in law.

Emerging Technologies

The 2021 legal trends lead us to expect the implementation of business intelligence tools in law firms.

Companies are letting AI handle things like legal tasks, research, and document reviews. Even using it to support billing and litigation for contract drafting.

The most striking use though is the execution of augmented and virtual reality to train lawyers and screen juries. AR and VR offer a chance to produce real scenarios to examine jury members and opportunities for new lawyers to practice trials.

It allows lawyers to provide deep collaboration with clients and experts about upcoming trials.

Joining the rest of the business world, the legal industry is also moving towards cloud storage. Cloud storage offers data protection and cybersecurity tools, making it the perfect place for confidential information.


Say goodbye to broad practices as new legal trends say firms are becoming more specialized. Data suggests that audiences prefer experts in one area of law. Practicing a broad range appears to general and unpredictable. Industries are becoming more complex, so the need for niche experts is crucial.

Micro-niches also allow companies to create deeper relationships with their clients. This is because it produces tailored experiences and increases the success rate.

Firms opting to specialize in a niche can focus their energy on marketing and securing one demographic. For example, this page focuses on legal practice in wrongful death cases.

Updating Talent

Non-lawyer hires are no longer restricted to a paralegal, administrative, and IT roles. Now, practices are outsourcing to C-Suite services for executive roles. This lead to an increase of non-lawyer executives.

AI is replacing roles that previously worked on repetitive tasks. Logging, analyzing, and managing documents will now be on an intelligent platform. Virtual assistants and back-office operations move to the cloud, while lawyers focus on client-side operations.

There’s also a rise in the “gigging economy”. Freelance and contracted work is taking the industry by storm. Freelance and contracts offer flexible solutions to on-demand scaling and offer a cost-effective approach to busy seasons.

Daily Dose of Legal Trends

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented changes. Legal trends show practices are choosing a technology-heavy approach when it comes to operations. With AI taking control of back-office functions, the introduction of new training techniques, and law firms specializing their focus, we can expect to see a lot of innovative and progressive advancements.

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