Knit Away Winter Blues with These 5 Fun Ideas

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The leaves are falling, and cold weather is settling in around us. It’s easy to think of the winter months as the perfect time to hibernate but that’s not the most practical solution for avoiding cold outdoor weather. Instead, use these chilly days to knit some fun solutions that will help cure any case of the winter blues.

1. Chunky Knit Blanket

A guaranteed way to stay warm and cozy on the coldest of days is to wrap up in a chunky knit blanket. The best part is that knitting your own chunky blanket is a lot easier than you may think. When you have the right yarn, this is the perfect DIY knitting project for beginners. The trick is to use Bernat which is the go-to yarn for quick, bulky and cozy projects. Using Bernat yarn and patterns is the easiest choice to fast track knitting your way to a warmer winter. Best of all, this chunky knit blanket will always be ready to keep you warm and last for lifetime of cozy snuggles.

2. Cozy Knit Shawl

For those that want the feel of a warm knit blanket that can be worn on the go, a cozy knit shawl is the perfect project for you. Making your own snuggly shawl will give you the best of both worlds when you use that cozy Bernat yarn to make a wearable version of your new favorite blanket. To give a pop of style to the shawl, use a different color of yarn to knit a contrasting border around the garment.

3. Knit Neck Scarf

A traditional choice for a DIY project, making your own knit scarf is a stylish way to keep warm this winter. Since this accessory takes less materials than other DIY knitwear there’s a good chance your leftover Bernat yarn will be enough to get the job done. Kick it up a notch and get creative by sewing on some beads to really have this knit neck scarf show off your unique style.

4. Knit Coffee Cozy

For anyone who loves a warm drink on a cold winter day, this is an adorably fun knitting idea you will want to try. Whether you are using your own coffee thermos or grabbing a hot drink to go from your local coffee shop, a customized knit coffee cozy is sure to keep your holding hand warm and get a few smiles from anyone that sees your creative design. The best part, easy to make knit coffee cozy patterns can be used to carry around cold beverages too. Whatever it is you decide to drink will look as good as it tastes when you wrap up your cup in a knit coffee cozy.

5. Knit Coasters

Take knitting where you never thought to take it before and keep your table tops safe from hot beverages in the most creative way. For this project there are no limitations, the coaster design is in your hands to be unique with the size and shapes you want to create. There’s no better home accent than knit coasters to warm up your tabletops this winter.

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