The Different Types of Roses Explained

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Do you love gardening? With so many different types of fruits, vegetables, and flowers it can be difficult to decide what you would love to plant more. Roses make a perfect addition to any flower garden and there are many different colors and hundreds of varieties to choose from.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of roses that would be perfect in your home garden.

English Rose

The English Rose, also known as David Austin for the breeder who created them, was introduced in the 1960s. It is not officially recognized as its own separate class of roses but is the most popular amongst home gardeners.

These rose types are a hybrid of shrub roses, the full-petaled bloom and strong fragrance of old roses, and disease-resistance seen in modern roses. They also have a wide color range and can repeat blooms often.

The English Rose grows best in milder climates that have cooler summers. You can grow them in containers, as a hedge, or as its own focal point. They also make an excellent cut flower for inside the home or for arrangements like those offered by Dose of Roses.

Shrub Rose

Shrub roses are perfect for those who are looking for an easy-care type of rose. The varieties that form this group are English roses, Kordesii, and hybrid musk.

These kinds of roses have an informal sprawling habit which makes them a great choice for larger landscapes, along slopes or bushes.

Hybrid Tea

The hybrid tea is the combination of a tea rose and hybrid perpetual. This hybrid was the first modern rose type to be introduced after 1867.

Hybrid tea rose is very popular because there is a wide range of colors that it can grow and it has a large fragrant bloom. It is also a popular flower for florists and exhibitors since each bloom is on its own single stem.

This variety of rose requires more care because it is higher maintenance and is prone to getting pests or diseases. These are better for those who are seasoned gardeners and not recommended for beginners.


This modern-day rose variety was developed around 1940 and is a hybrid of polyanthas and hybrid teas. They flower in compact groups of blooms and have a wide color range which makes a perfect addition to any type of landscape.

These roses make a great privacy hedge, grow well on slopes to help manage erosion, and look great in a cottage-style border with a variety of other flowers. They are easy to take care of so are a great choice for gardeners who are just getting started.

Learn More Today About the Different Types of Roses

These are some of the most popular types of roses you will find in most gardens today. The English rose is a great choice for most gardens, is fairly easy to grow if you have some experience, and looks great inside your home as well. These and the Floridbunda variety also make a great shrub.

The hybrid tea variety is a great choice for more advanced gardeners. The blooms grow on a single stem so they are perfect for use in arrangements for florists and exhibitors.

If you would like more gardening tips or information be sure to visit our website daily!

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