9 Tips For Keeping Super Healthy This Winter

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Staying healthy has become more important than ever and now that winter is almost here, we need to start thinking practically about small changes we can all make to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Take a look at our 9 top tips for keeping colds and flu at bay and let’s all make 2021 our fittest and healthiest year yet!

1. Stock up on supplements

There are plenty of people that say you shouldn’t need supplements if you eat a balanced and nutritious diet, but who amongst us can actually claim to be a gastronomic saint? There’s no harm in a few treats now and then, and taking vitamins and minerals with supplements isn’t cheating. Healthspan is popular with its customers because it makes everything so easy, with home delivery and online advice resources. If that’s cheating your way to good health, we’re happy to get an unfair advantage.

2. Invest in your sleep

It’s not a myth that getting enough sleep can contribute to good health and now, there are plenty of apps and smart devices that can make sure you’re getting what you need. Wearable activity trackers and smartwatches are an excellent way to analyse the kind of sleep you’re getting, as well as how much, so if you have either of these, be sure to sync with an app that gives you easy-to-digest data.

3. Follow all the Covid rules

If this doesn’t read as a common-sense tip to you, then that’s a worry. In order to ensure good health not only for yourself and your loved ones but also everybody else that you come into contact with, you need to be a responsible citizen. Following all of the government’s advice regarding face coverings, hand washing, sanitising and social distancing is essential and could prevent you from contracting a virus that is already showing signs of having a long-term impact on most that catch it.

4. Get some natural vitamin D

Even if the UK is in lockdown, getting out into your garden for a few minutes every day is a fantastic way to top up your vitamin D levels and keep seasonal depression at bay. You might not think that staying indoors can have a detrimental effect on your health, but don’t forget that mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellness.

5. Try leaving something out

Even if you’re a committed meat-eater, you’ll have no doubt heard that health experts are advising that consumption should be drastically reduced. Why not make a challenge out of it and sign up for Veganuary? It’s only 31 days and you might discover a new way of eating that you love and makes you feel better.

6. Add some meditation to your day

Meditating won’t make you a ‘hippie’ or whatever else outdated stereotypes say and you don’t need to be searching for spiritual enlightenment to practice a little relaxation. Think of meditating as a way to focus on yourself for a few minutes each day, without everyday distractions getting in the way. Even five short minutes of silent comfortable sitting can be beneficial, especially for your mental health, so don’t overlook this practice or let it make you feel silly.

7. Make positive resolutions

Forget about specific and restrictive New Year resolutions, as those with a little flexibility built-in are more likely to stick. So instead of saying you want to lose 10kg, try reducing your alcohol consumption and seeing what an impact that has on you (and your weight). There is one exception to this and that’s quitting smoking. There’s no halfway house here, but there are plenty of resources and products available to help you.

8. Commit to some exercise

There’s a perfect fitness plan for everybody, if only we could all find it! Whether you’re spin bike fanatic and want to enjoy some of the amazing at-home tech now available, a road runner or even just a gentle walker, get your exercise done and try a few new things too. It never hurts to shake up your routine and with so many online fitness communities to choose from, you’ll easily discover a new class that complements your fitness level. Barre has become the trendy option, if you like to stay current.

9. Do a home audit

Finally, make sure everything works as it should at home. Does your boiler need a service? Are your radiators bled? These are important for an effective heating system that will keep colds and chills at bay. It might not be as exciting as trying some ballet fitness classes but this is an essential step.

Staying super healthy this winter should be a major priority for us all and nobody can do it for us! So it’s time to get proactive and positive while we wait for summer 2021…

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