What is a Dab Rig?

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As far as traditional dabbing goes, dab rigs are suitable for wax, shatter, crumble or other concentrates.

Dab rigs almost always have the familiar shape of a pipe (small or water) or a bong. They appear so because they are a system, usually made up of a stem, a chamber, and a percolator. The percolator improves the flavor quality of the rig and may or may not hold water.

The whole system of any dab rig contains several units that come together as one. Now, the set up may vary according to individual preference, but they usually consist of a nail, a rig, dab tool, wax or concentrate, blowtorch, and more. Many users opt for dab rigs because they are known to exude only classic hits.

In setting up a dab rig, your nail, which comes in different kinds of materials, is connected to the stem. It is also where you put your extract. Before you can dab at all, the nail should get to a favorable temperature that melts the wax nicely but does not burn it. Excessive heat is known to bring nails to their early end. Recently, e-nails have come to the scene, thus completely eradicating the need for a blowtorch. Additionally, dab rigs come in various designs; so your options are quite ample.

What is a Dab Pen?

A dab pen, like the name, is essentially a Pen-like electronic device used for vaping. Dab pens are known as wax pens or wax vapes because you can enjoy your wax extracts with them. It is, without a doubt, a portable version of the dab rig because it performs almost all of its functions. While the similarities between a dab rig and a dab pen are apparent, the dab pen plays its role differently.

The dab pen has a very similar part to a regular dry herb vaporizer, and this is obvious in the battery’s connection to an atomizer and a mouthpiece. Its battery is the primary source of heat since it retains charge electronically. Thus, charging the battery transmits heat to coils of the atomizer. These coils, in turn, work gradual heat on the wax and then, vaporization begins.

Even though a dab rig and a dab pen come in various sizes, shapes and design, an essential and evident variation in the two is their size. Furthermore, they are different in their power source as well as in other notable features.

What Are The Differences between a Dab Pen and Dab Rig?

Dab Pens Are More Portable

In terms of size, appearance and design, a dab pen is a more portable option. It is more portable than even the smallest dab rig because they take the shape of a pen and can fit into your pocket. The dab pen is also easy to move around without a fuss or hassle. A dab rig is not so because it has many units that must be connected to form a piece.

Aside from size, the dab rig is more complicated. It may require some systematic procedures before use. Again, it involves water sometimes to function optimally and to avoid spillage. A dab rig seems to be more suitable for indoor use than outdoor. However, it will be an excellent option for an outdoor event.

Dab Pens Are More Discrete

As a result of its shape, size and appearance, a dab rig is not discreet enough. It is not a device that you can use when you desire to be less conspicuous. Its shape and size announce you. The dab pen, on the other hand, will pass for a regular pen. Since you can carry it in your pocket, it is easy to use quietly. Also, you need no blowtorch, and that makes all the difference.

Dab Nails vs Wax Vape Coils

You find dab nails made of glass, quartz, titanium, ceramic and other kinds of materials. So when you dab with a rig, your wax is placed on a dab nail and heat is applied. To maintain the integrity of your extract, you should choose a pin that is less liable to shatter under heat.

A vaper will vape wax differently because they place their wax on the wax coil. Of course, the material either is made from determines heat retention or radiation. No matter, you still have to decide which works better for you.

Dab Pens Are Easy To Use

Dab pens are often electronic and are only a charge away from use. That’s one of the main reasons they’re easy to use in comparison to the dab rig. In addition to requiring systematic mechanisms, a dab rig uses a blowtorch. It is, therefore, not so easy to use. In heating the dab nail, you’re more exposed to flame.

The Puff Size Of A Dab Rig Is Bigger

Now, the dab rig is like the puff size champion of the wax world. The puff size is simply unmatched. While some vapes offer amazing puffs and are decent enough, none of them meets up to a dab rig. The most versatile dab pen will produce impressive hits, but there is no basis for comparison because dab rigs take the lead.

Glass Dab Rigs are Fragile

The appearance of any dab unit is increasingly stylish as a result of efforts by their manufacturers to make them so. We know now that these units are from various materials, including glass. A dab pen made from any material at that is not indestructible but dropping it is not nearly as fatal as dropping a glass dab rig. A glass dab rig shatters immediately depending on the extent of the fall.

Dab Rigs Don’t Need to Rely on A Battery Or Power Outlet

Dab rigs do not rely on electricity by any means. You only need a dab nail and blowtorch to set things in motion. Whereas, a dab pen needs an electrical source to power up its battery. Although a dab pen will work for as long as its battery runs, a dab rig will work during a blackout. Note that e-nails are available too, but they work only via electricity. E-nails remove the need for a blowtorch and ultimately the risk of burning yourself. Also, you don’t have to guess a temperature range since the nail gets you to the perfect temperature. E-nails keep the temperature constant and produce better results.

What Are The Similarities between a Dab Rig and Dab Pen

Dab Pens and Dab Rigs Are Used With Wax

Dab rigs and dab pens are ideas for wax lovers because they both use wax concentrates. Although each is enjoyed based on need or desire, they make an ideal choice for any user. The decision on either is solely dependent on preference.

Dab Pens and Dab Rigs Are Reusable

The technology behind dab pens and dab rigs are such that both are re-usable for many dabbing sessions. Of course, the need to change or swap out some parts of the devices may arise. Replacement of individual components is not unusual in any device. Your investment on either is of immense value.

Dab Pens and Dab Rigs Can Have A Wide Variety of Features

Whether you’re shopping for a dab rig or dab pen, you will come across different models. Having established the fact that both devices come in various forms and features, knowing the variation is essential. First, a dab pen has a lot of functions incorporated into its body. For instance, an LCD shows temperature range, battery level and other stuff. Also, it is on the same that you power on /off the device.

For dab rigs, there are percolators or wax collectors. They contribute to hit production in the device. Both devices also have several color variations.

Dab Pens And Dab Rigs Are Available in All Price Ranges

 Dab rigs and dab pens like any other device are available in a range of prices. Sure, this depends on their models, size and features, yet there is one that fits into your budget and best suits your needs.

Should I Buy a Dab Pen or Dab Rig?

There is a dab rig or dab pen for everyone as long as you know what you want. When it comes down to choosing either of the devices, only you can take the decision. The idea of choice is dependent on personal preference. While some users favor the dab rig because they enjoy dabbing indoors, others will go for a dab pen as a result of portability. Again, some people only care for good hits; therefore, such persons will favor dab rigs more.

The concept of choice for new users and existing users is similar. You may want to consider the extensiveness of use, discreetness as well as other features that we have mentioned above. All told, there are dab rigs suited more for starters and there are dab pens in this category too.

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