What Is The Point Of A One Hitter Pipe

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One hitters are excellent pipes and come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing, however, that does not change is that they are all relatively compact and can only hold up to a hit’s worth at a time – hence the name. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad pipes. Some, naturally, are of a higher quality but one hitters are also easy to pack, lightweight and concealable, simple to clean, and relatively inexpensive. Moreover, one hitters also come in a number of different materials (much like pipes or bowls) and are extremely versatile. Glass, naturally, is a bit more fragile than ceramic, metal, wood, or silicon and therefore requires a bit more caution.

Keep in mind, however, that at the end of the day the single most important aspect to any piece are an individual’s personal preferences for the way they prefer to smoke, etc.

Benefits of A One Hitter Pipe

As noted above, here is more information on some of the benefits of a one hitter. Remember, it will ultimately still come down to personal preferences.

Dugout Pipe Set

Some one hitters come with or match a dugout set. Typically, this will be a one hitter that looks like a cigarette. These dugout pipe sets are especially handy because everything is self-contained in addition to the mobility and concealment typical of a one hitter.

Discreet Smoking

Possibly the number one thing on anyone’s mind when it comes to a one hitter is the discretion that it affords its owner. A one hitter is the perfect piece for those moments when being gaudy is rude or worse. A one hitter is a classic example of a maximum utility piece. Their mobility and easy concealment are perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of a one hitter. For others, the ability to have their one hitter almost everywhere with them is most appealing characteristic.

Easy To Use

Perhaps one of the reasons the one hitter is so discrete is that it is also extraordinarily easy to use. There are no moving parts or weird carbs. More or less a perfect cylinder perfect for quick and hassle-free smoking. Especially for beginners or other individuals newer to dry herb, a one hitter is probably the least complicated piece available on the market.

One Hitter Pipes Are Affordable

Sort of related to the ease of use is the rather reasonable pricing for most one hitters. Even fancier models come nowhere near the cost of other pieces. This means that a one hitter is certainly a great choice for beginners. Even if something does goes wrong it will usually not cost an arm and a leg and is rather simple to replace. As for more experienced users, this is a great way to get a reliable, quality piece without breaking the bank to expand your glass collection.

One Hitters Are Small Pipes

As mentioned before, one hitters can be rather small and super easy to conceal and take almost anywhere. They can often fit into a shirt pocket without being exposed. Again, the concealment offsets the smaller bowl pack size. To some, these are going to be too small and not worth much as a pipe. To others, however, this is exactly the reason one hitters remain such a worthwhile pipe.

Easy To Clean

For those who prefer to spend less time cleaning their pipes a one hitter might just be perfect for them. Of course, ‘less’ time is relative – the one hitter will probably need to be cleaned more often than other pipes. This is just because of their size. BUT the amount of time it takes to properly clean a one hitter is marginal compared to other types of pipes. Not to mention, the cleaning itself is simpler.

Almost exclusively a straightish tube, most one hitters just need a small amount of cleaner (420 Cleaner, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, etc) and some manual cleaning such as a pipe cleaner, ‘q’ tip, or a rag. Moreover, simply soaking in cleaner or boiling water will also clean a one hitter rather well without nearly as much risk involved as a larger, more complicated piece – but still be careful when using boiling water it can still be dangerous.

Written By: Robert H.

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