When Do You Need to Call Tree Removal Services?

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The tree care industry is among the most dangerous industries today, with over 10 times more fatal accidents than any other industry. There are many unexpected cases of falling trees due to storms, damages, and diseases. If you need tree removal it’s best to call Riverside tree experts to remove your trees and avoid posing a threat to your family and properties.

Read on to learn when to call the best tree removal service and get some tree removal tips.

After Storms With Heavy Rain

Heavy rains and winds are among the most common reasons why trees fall over and get broken branches. Check around your property for any fallen or leaning trees and broken limbs or branches.

If there are any, then you should call tree removal services. You can also choose to remove the trees yourself by using these tree removal techniques.

Disease or Sickness

Trees will start decaying, making the roots unstable once a tree gets sick. It’s best to get a tree removal service soon if a tree gets sick since it can spread to other trees. You should look for the common signs of tree sickness or disease:

  • Dead branches
  • Plenty of holes in the leaves and bark
  • Wilted, discolored leaves
  • Fungus growing at the branches and leaves
  • Cluster growth of new shoots

In most instances, pruning and rehabilitation can help manage tree disease. When you see fungi, viruses, and pests inside the tree, tree removal is the only option.

Touching the Power Lines

It’s a major fire hazard if you see a branch, twig, or pile of leaves growing out and touching the power lines. Did you know that most wildfires in Northern California started due to trees touching the power lines? So if you see a tree touching power lines and structures, you should call the best tree removal services.

Fell Over Your Property

Check your property if you see any fallen trees since it can block roadways, sidewalks, or damage your property. Be sure to check if anyone got injured and get medical help if necessary. Take photos of the damages for insurance purposes and contact a tree removal service.

Branches Are Falling Off

Most trees may have branches that can protrude through your property, leading to accidental falling. Some falling branches can lead to subsequent injuries.

You may accidentally cut down the leader branch, which gives the tree its strength, stability, and form. Call up professional tree removal services when cutting off branches.

Exposed Roots

If you see a tree with exposed roots, then the tree may be at risk of falling over. Improper pruning can cause the trees to lean over at one side, which will eventually uproot from the soil. Do not attempt to wait for the trees to fall over; call a tree removal service.

Know When to Call Tree Removal Services Today

Take your time to look around your surroundings to check for any trees that may cause damage. Call tree removal services to prevent any more accidents and possible deaths.

Do you want to learn more about how you can ensure the safety of your family? Other than trees, more factors can put your family and yourself in danger. Check out more of our blogs to learn all you can today!

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