15 Things About New VW Caddy Lease We’re Tired of Hearing

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The arrival of a new 2021 Volkswagen Caddy is making car fans and lease businesses want to learn as much as they can about it, even several months after release. People might need cars now more than ever, and there is a whole whirlwind of information online about what the new VW Caddy can offer as a lease car. But, is the Caddy actually worth using as a lease car, and does it have enough useful features to justify the upgrade from your current lease? Enough Already! 15 Things About New VW Caddy Lease We’re Tired of Hearing is what you’re here to read.

More Space

The standard new Caddy is not only longer but wider, boasting a better overall structure and design that allows for much heavier loads and larger passenger numbers than any Caddy before it. Even if you don’t need all of the extra space, you never know when it might suddenly become helpful. This feature makes it a perfect lease car, offering enough room to work for short-term jobs that other vehicles can’t handle.

Digital Cockpit

The Digital Cockpit system is something we have seen before in other cars, but that doesn’t make it any less special. A full dashboard, redesigned to use fewer buttons for controlling more features, dominates the vehicle’s front. Each spec also comes with infotainment screens between 6.5 and 10 inches wide, much larger than some older digital dashboard designs.

Driver Assist

Yes, most of us know about the nineteen unique driver assist functions that the Caddy can use! The public has made a lot of noise about how safe this model of the car will be, and it is hard to disagree: parking sensors and night-vision cameras are always going to be useful, and these might be better than ever before.

Trailer Assist

The new trailer assist features have nudged many people into getting a lease for a Caddy, especially businesses with many gears to move around. It isn’t hard to see why people won’t stop talking about it. Having a system that steers the car for you while also handling your trailer is something that very few cars have ever done well. We all know that reversing with a trailer can be incredibly difficult, so every new feature helps a lot.

Lane-Keeping Assistance

The lane assistance tools make it easier than ever to ensure that you stay in the right lane and aren’t drifting too far off, which works perfectly with the bulked-up design. Since you might use the Caddy to carry important objects and fragile items, any protection from bumps and bashes is almost essential to lease vehicles.

Park Assist

The Caddy is big on assistance technology: even without the trailer, you can use the same system to auto-park your car, leaving the steering free while you focus on the pedals. It might come across as odd to first-time users, but it is a step in the right direction and the closest thing we have to a full auto-parking system.

The Look

It isn’t hard to see why people are raving about the look of the Caddy. It is still the same car, with the same basic design, but the entire exterior has been redone and re-imagined to make it distinctly new. It feels cleaner, smoother, and generally much more appealing in almost every way. There isn’t a single element that looks added last minute.

Three Engines

While the VW Caddy itself is only a single-engine beast, a choice of three diesel engines – 120bph, 100bph, or 74bph – gives you a little more control over how much speed and power you want. You could also take a 114bph petrol engine, which has been turbocharged for even higher performance!


Supposedly, each engine is up to 12% cleaner than the previous model of Caddy – that might sound like a small increase. Still, if every person who owned the last version, that would cut their emissions by ten percent overnight!

Always Connected

Yes, the Caddy is ideal for connecting to the We Connect app and the internet at large. This makes it one of the more connected lease cars on the market at the moment and something with a little more functionality than just traveling from point A to point B. Current world events mean that the ability to communicate online from your car is not just a nice gimmick but an incredibly useful tool for some people.

Multiple Forms

The Caddy is far less limited than it used to be, it comes in various forms, and each one has its specific uses and benefits. The campervan and MPV Caddy models make great use of the other added features, giving you a perfect vehicle for taking on plenty of new and unique situations.

Electronic Handbrake

It is a minor feature compared to the rest, but the upgrade was worth it! Thanks to the strong electronic handbrake, it is easier than ever to make sure that your car won’t move when it is not supposed to. Disengaging it is also much more comfortable. It updates the rental vehicle for people who have learned to use electronic options over manual ones.

LED Headlights

The inclusion of LED headlights as standard is another thing that might not seem innovative. Still, it opens up even more possibilities when you lease a Caddy. Not only are they much brighter, but they are much more energy-efficient. They won’t empty your battery as fast as conventional lights, meaning that you can use them in the dark for much longer.


Another major benefit of the new Caddy? It is very customizable. While this might be insignificant for the person leasing the vehicle, you can expect to see all kinds of changes, whether for commercial or private use. Everything from mobile living spaces to van-based miniature kitchens, and you never know when you might find a modified Caddy that perfectly suits your needs!

Should I Lease One?

The Caddy may not be the largest, most potent, or most extreme vehicle on the market, but it is definitely an excellent choice, especially for people who want an adaptable car to work for multiple roles. The improved safety features and control tools mean that you have more of a handle on your vehicle than ever before. The design is so perfect for a lease vehicle that you might only need it for a year or two. As a vehicle for commercial businesses, it boasts excellent carrying capacity and can work well as a midpoint between a car and a van.

If you are interested in the new Volkswagen Caddy now that it has entered its fifth generation, don’t be afraid to do more in-depth research. It may be the right car for you. It has an outstanding balance of different features, and given that car lease companies pushed to get a hold of some Caddy models for themselves, it shouldn’t be hard to track down a good lease option in your local area. Once you find one, it is just a matter of getting a fair lease price.

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