How to Collect and Properly Pack Things When Moving

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It is not easy to move from a long-lived place and move your favorite sofa and other furniture to a new apartment, sometimes located hundreds of kilometers away. You will have to think about how to make sure that nothing gets damaged, broken, lost or broken during transportation. Your life will be easier if you address part of your moving to professionals. Google movers near me and ask for a Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money.

Preparation for transportation and packaging of fragile items

There are always a lot of things in the house that require special preparation and packaging for moving. Boxes with fragile and breakable items should be provided with warning labels: “Glass!”, “Careful, fragile!” and mark where the bottom and top of the boxes are.

TV and monitor packaging

Modern plasma and liquid crystal TVs, unlike older models with a glass screen, are particularly sensitive to shock. To prevent anything from happening, you need to follow some rules when packing them.

The best way to transport a TV, and any household appliances, in its native packaging, fixed in a box with foam or wrapped in bubble wrap and filling all the empty places with Newspapers or soft things.

You need to transport the TV in an upright position, turning the screen to a large flat surface and laying something soft between them, such as a blanket, but without knots and folds.

Packing pictures

Transportation of paintings, especially valuable and old ones, requires special care so as not to damage the base canvas and the paint layer. Everything is important here: it is necessary to exclude the influence of temperature fluctuations and dust penetration, to ensure the necessary humidity (too dry or excessively humid air is equally harmful to paints).

It is best to transport the picture in a specialized container, after freeing it from the frame. If there is none, it can be packed in a fairly thick paper and wrapped with bubble wrap on top. Do not stick the tape directly to the surface of the canvas with paints.

The frame is packed separately with the corners protected from impacts and in a vertical position. In addition, the paintings can be Packed in two, face inwards, with cardboard or a thick layer of paper between them, so as not to scratch the paintwork.

How do I pack dishes, vases, crystal, and other fragile items?

There are always a lot of items in the house that are easy to break and break. When transporting fragile items, it is important to exclude their contact with each other, the presence of voids in the box and the mobility of objects in it. For their packaging, you can use crumpled Newspapers, wrapping paper, towels, old magazines (sheets can be laid between plates and they can also wrap wine glasses and mugs), scarves, socks, hats.

The inside of the box can be divided into separate sections according to the size of the items, in which they are placed one by one, pre-wrapped with bubble wrap or paper. The remaining free space in the box and its upper part must be filled with crumpled Newspapers, soft things, towels, closed and sealed with tape.

Do not forget to write with a bright marker that the box contains fragile items.

Porcelain figurines, delicate glass and crystal glasses can be Packed in plastic containers, after wrapping each item separately with plastic wrap, paper, or placing a fragile product in a sock (a very effective method).

As for the plates, it is recommended to transport them by wrapping each separately in the packaging material in an upright position and separating one from the other with a piece of cardboard. In the car where things are transported, boxes with dishes should be placed so that they do not move while driving. You can’t put anything on top of them.

If your move involves transporting heavy items, a large number of things in a short time or to remote places, contact the transport company for help! Check moving companies reviews before hiring. By entrusting the transportation of things to specialists with extensive professional experience, you will save yourself from unnecessary worries.

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