Must-Have Gifts for the Whole Family This Holiday Season

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Around 60 million unwanted presents are exchanged during the festive season, indicating the extent to which people often fail to hit their mark when aiming to please friends and family members through gifts. One reason for so many ‘epic fails’ is the wow factor – most people aim to surprise or delight recipients ‘in the moment’ with gifts that may not be truly useful or practical in the long term. If you want to give gifts that are likely to be enjoyed and cherished, doing a little research is key. The following is a small list of items that are huge hits on the current market; they may inspire when it comes to shopping for the upcoming holidays.
Gifts for Gadget Lovers
When it comes to smartphones, few products generate quite as much interest as new iPhone launches and October 23, 2020, is the official launch of the all-new iPhone12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPad Air. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is generating a whole lot of buzz since it will measure 6.67 inches and have a top quality display and cameras. Other cool phones that have been recently launched include the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (once again with an impressive 6.49-inch screen), the OnePlus8T and the Sony Xperia 5 II. If you’re looking to surprise the whole family with a new TV, then look into LG’s OLEDCXP series (a high-end option) or the TCL 6-Series (a great choice when it comes to value for money).
Something for the Little Ones
Three trends are dominating the gift buying sector for kids: arts and crafts activity sets, sustainable toys and games, and those with a focus on education. One gift marketed at girls aged six is the Stick’n Style Crystal Clutch – essentially a cute pouch bag kids can bling up with crystal. Of course, boys who love all things bright and who are into the art of crafting will probably be just as happy to receive this activity set, as well as others like the DIY Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook, containing a plethora of materials such as tape, scissors, paste, and all they need to design and create a colorful book. Educational toys include the Osmo Genius Kit, which stimulates creativity, problem-solving skills, and exploration. For something sustainable, blocks and pull-along toys made from recycled and sustainable materials such as bamboo are classics kids always enjoy.
Gifts for Adventure Lovers
A study by researchers at the University of Toronto Scarborough found that if you wish to use a gift to connect with your loved ones, giving an experience is a great way to do so. This is because experience-based gifts such as safari adventures, bungee jumps, or glamping experiences, bring about strong emotional reactions. Of course, they also help friends and family members create memories that can be captured on photos, shared, and treasured in one’s memory for many years to come.
Just a few gift ideas include new phones and TVs for tech lovers, creative gifts for kids, and fun experiences. The perfect gift, say researchers, is not the one that will make recipients say ‘Wow!’, if not one that they are likely to actually use and enjoy. To find the perfect gift, take time to talk to your loved ones and jot down their wishes throughout the year. That way, when the festive season arrives, you will have a healthy list of items to choose from that you know they want or need.

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