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NELK is a group of pranksters from Toronto, Canada. They are a group of three, Jessi Sebastiani, Lucas Gasparini, and Kyle Forgeard. Together, they have a combined cash flow of $1.5 million. They focus mostly on public pranks in different places. Some of their places include the library, Best Buy, universities, Apple stores, and so on.

Jesse and Kyle started the channel in 2014. They met crossing paths at MTV Canada. And if you are wondering the word NELK doesn’t have any significance. It is just something they came up in the spur of the moment. Some of their catchphrases are full send and crack one open for the boys. Here is their story.

Name:NELK Boys a.k.a NelkFilmz
Created:July 6, 2010
Net Worth:$1,5 million
Occupation:Canadian YouTube channel

Career Ups and Downs

Jesse and Kyle are the two founding members of the NELK Boys. Lucas joined later on. Let’s check the bio of Jesse and Kyle.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Sebastiani got raised in a small town on a farm. As a two-year-old, he moved to Shelburne after his parents got a divorce. As a kid, Jesse loved riding dirt bikes, skateboarding, snowboarding, and other sports activities.

During his childhood, Jesse often got into trouble at school. As for his videos, he started making them at the age of 12. He had a small handheld camera back then.

Because camera work didn’t pay the bills, Jesse worked other jobs as a young fella. He worked on a hay farm, a scrapyard, worked on an oil rig, and much more. But he knew video making is his deal. Sebastiani had a knack for entrepreneurship. At the age of 12, he also started his own clothing line Dahlez. For Jesse, everything started as an inspiration and motivation by the Jacksass prank show.

Kyle, on the other hand, spent his childhood in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Born in 1994, one year later than Jesse, Forgeard went to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School.

Kyle also made videos as a kid. His first viral video is of him serenading elderly people. It got 300,000 views. At his university, he had another viral video. This time, he walked through lecture halls serenading women. Encouraged by his early success, he started traveling around Canada and Los Angeles.

Jesse and Kyle made their first video together Light Me On Fire. They performed the prank in front of people with Jesse getting caught on fire. They filmed the reactions of people. Immediately, Jesse and Kyle knew they have to work together. The duo moved to LA together and started filming pranks and funny videos.

With their first video, they got thousands of new subscribers. In a moment, they went from a million views per month to 20 million per month. In 2017 they passed their first big threshold, 1 million subscribers.

Some of their popular videos include Seven Ways to Compliment Boobs and Coke Prank on Cops. NELK Boys theme their videos around North American college culture. Their videos include pranks and drinking and partying.

They also created the brand Full Send and popularized the term. It means to go all out with drinking, partying, or anything else.

Besides Jesse and Kyle, other members include Steve Deleonardis, Salim the Dream, Cousin Jay, and Lucas Gasparini. Lucas left the group in 2017 because it portrayed him in a bad light. They live in a house in Los Angeles, California. And they call the house FullSend House.

Over the years, they got into a few legal problems because of their pranks. In January 2015, they published one of their most popular videos, Coke Prank on Cops. The NELK Boys told police officers they have coke in the back of the car, referring to cocaine. But they really had Coca Cola. The video stirred some controversy but got them more than 70 million views.

In September 2017, Jesse and Kyle got arrested by the Toronto Police Service for a prank in a local area shop. In January 2019, Sebastiani got arrested again during a prank walking into a bookstore with fake blood on his white jumpsuit.

And in August 2019, Russia banned their entry for spin the globe challenge due to possession of a felony.

Net Worth

How much is the NELK Boys fortune? Well, there is no info on the individual bank account, but collectively, the NELK Boys fortune is more than $1.5 million.

As YouTube creators, they earn money by publishing on YouTube. They have their self-named channel. But because of their content, most of their videos got age-restricted by YouTube. The social media also demonetized their videos.

So, they started uploading content to their website. There, they charge monthly and annual subscriptions for content access. In August 2020, the boys launched a paid subscription service Send Club. Members receive access to extra pranks and behind the scenes footage for a certain amount of money.

Their YouTube channel has more than 4.5 million subscribers as of August 2020. They accumulated more than 750 million views and get up to 700,000 views per day. That can generate up to $3,500 in revenue per day or $1.3 million per year.

And as other YouTubers found out, it is better and more profitable to sell merchandise. The NELK Boys shifted to merchandise sales as a main source of income.

The NELK Boys try to give back as much as they can. They donate portions of their merchandise earnings to breast cancer awareness. And in April 2020, they participated in a virtual beer pong tournament to raise money for the Covid-19 pandemic.

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