Does Your Home Contain Any Data Liabilities?

People are highly aware of cybersecurity threats because of all the high-profile hacks against multinational corporations and even political parties. But there may be a different threat that is already inside your home. Do you have tangible forms of data liabilities lying around?

It’s possible you do, but you haven’t even considered how paper documents or electronic devices can pose a risk. Continue reading to learn more about how professional shredders keep your home safe.

Paper Shredding

Many people have a place in their home where they store paper documents containing important but sensitive information. Everybody accumulates this kind of paperwork. So many everyday processes leave a paper trail, such as:

  • Starting a business
  • Opening a bank account
  • Filing tax returns

It’s common to have paper documents containing passwords and usernames, and there are other forms of paper that you’d never want an identity thief to possess. If these records are truly essential, store them securely.

Otherwise, it’s safer to protect your data and sensitive information by calling a professional shredder to eliminate your paper documents. Plus, using their services has never been easier.

For small paper shredding jobs, they’ll arrive in their mobile shredding truck, which shreds your sensitive papers right from the curbside. For larger jobs, they will still come directly to your home. But they’ll bring your papers back to their facility in a secure truck and shred them there.

Either way, you don’t have to worry about lifting any heavy boxes. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind from knowing your sensitive documents no longer exist.

Home Electronics

It’s common to think electronics only pose a cybersecurity risk, but the tangible device itself contains all sorts of sensitive data identity thieves would love to learn. If you have old electronic gadgets lying around the home that you don’t use anymore, get them shredded by a professional.

Industry-leading shredders won’t just toss the device into the garbage because all the data on it would still be retrievable. Instead, they pulverize the microchips on the device, so it’s impossible for identity thieves to ever get those files.

Don’t settle for a pro shredder who can’t destroy your electronics in a way that renders them safe. Finally, it’s also crucial to find a company that takes its environmental commitments seriously.

Whether it’s paper or electronics, many parts that can be recycled. Plus, electronics may have toxic components that need to be handled carefully. Any action that reduces your carbon footprint should be taken because the importance of a clean and sustainable future is impossible to overstate.

The news is full of stories about hacks and data breaches that cause damage, which is expensive and humiliating to undo. However, identity thieves can wreak just as much havoc by obtaining sensitive personal information by getting their hands on your old paper documents and electronic devices.

Keep your home secure against these threats by calling a professional shredder.