Tips To Getting The Most From Your Business Laptop

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Laptops are ideal for those in business who need a portable way to touch base with the home office or take notes in a meeting. These small, light, and powerful tools allow business people to work from airports, coffee shops, and their kitchen counter. top brands can handle heavy applications and complicated tasks such as spreadsheet manipulation as well as desktop computers.

Tristan Stewart with Integrated365 in Dallas shares how to get the most out of your laptop, check out the following tips and tricks.

Why Should You Update Your Laptop’s OS?

Keep your operating system up to date. Even if you buy a new computer, you might not have the latest version of the OS. Patches and fixes are released periodically and it’s important to install the latest to your laptop to prevent a security risk. Malicious hackers are always looking for ways around vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications. Make sure that you have the latest version with patches to thwart bad actors.

How Can You Remove Bloatware?

When you first get your computer, it comes preloaded with certain software. You will probably never use some of this software, also called bloatware. These apps are just taking up valuable space on your drive, so why keep them? You can download a bulk uninstaller that lets you remove all the applications that you don’t want at one time.

Why Is Protection Software Important?

You might think that no one is interested in the information on your computer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cybercriminals actively look for sensitive information such as login credentials, health data, and financial information. They use this information to steal money and commit fraud.

Unfortunately, this makes it necessary to protect your laptop. When you install antivirus software, it scans your computer periodically to ensure that you don’t have any known malware.

It’s not just the information in your laptop that criminals are after. Installing Find My Device can help authorities locate your device if it is stolen.

What Are the Best Practices for Power Settings?

Laptop batteries tend to run out of power fast when they aren’t plugged in. You can extend battery life BY adjusting your power settings. Turn down the brightness but make sure that you can still see well enough to avoid mental and visual fatigue. Make sure your operating system uses a hibernate or sleep mode when you aren’t working on your laptop.

What Is Your Backup Plan?

You might spend months working on a project. When your laptop crashes, it may corrupt any files that you had stored on it. This results in missed deadlines and unhappy internal or external clients. You can avoid this unwanted scenario by creating a robust backup plan.

Set up an automated backup system that will save all of your files. If something does happen to your device, you can retrieve the backup and keep working. You can upload documents to the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere without taking up valuable space on your hard drive. This covers you if your laptop gets stolen or no longer works.

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