Paper Racing

2 min

Paper Racing could come off as multiple things, racing paper airplanes for example.  But in this case we are literally talking about toilet paper.  The goal of this game is to unroll toilet paper in the most time efficient manner possible.  So you are going to be creating some nice friction between your fingers and your screen no matter what size either of them may be.  The sick part about this game is, you can get really, really good at it.  Paper Racing ultimately becomes this silly sport once you decide to try your skills at the very competitive multi-player mode where you will find yourself up against people with trained fingers that move much faster than The Flash’s feet ever could.  The online play also features a leaderboard that automatically hooks those who have that drive to be #1.  The way it works is you simply select ‘Multi’ from the menu, from there you will be paired up with some random person.  Once your opponent is found you will then use your designated two fingers to unroll that tissue as fast as you can before the other person does.  At the end you will be rewarded with points that probably won’t ever get you any bonuses.

The elevator music that poses as the games soundtrack only adds to the relaxing effect that only a nice  session in the restroom can offer.  Of course if you are one of those people who make those trips anything but relaxing you can just mute the sound and blast some metal to set the mood.  Trust me,  there will be a point where it gets that intense while playing against others, you don’t think so now but when you loose to somebody named ‘iGoPoop’ you’ll know exactly what I mean.  Surprisingly enough there are no problems with screen sensitivity on most devices which is a major plus considering the games major function involves frequent sliding of the fingers across the simplistic GUI.  On the downside the games simplistic goal is just another drop in the already over-flowing bucket of titles released for mobile devices that feature similar mechanics.  After playing I decided to double check for anything I might have missed and found out that you can share your scores with friends so if you are an expert you can advertise it to the world.

Paper Racing is nothing more or less than very casual and humorous fun.  The only upgrades available for purchase are new toilet paper prints, don’t worry I laughed too.  The patterns remind me of the stickers section at a dollar store or maybe just an eight-year-old birthday card, some include dollar bills, skulls, ducks and stars.  Fortunately the points are cheap for those willing to invest real money just to waste some fancy perfectly unsoiled toilet paper.  Typically most of your time will be spend facing other people so start cracking those knuckles.  The game is free and the download isn’t huge at all so check this one out. Unless you are just way to busy doing the things you are supposed to be doing in the bathroom,  Paper Racing is the kind of game that makes being anti-Eco-friendly both enjoyable and affordable.

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