New SmartWatch, the Smart Fit Band, Healthy Fun for ‘Health Junkies’

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Staying fit can be a difficult task with all the other important tasks and chores demanding our attention. Fortunately, technological advances make our quest to be healthy a little bit easier.

T1 Tact’s durable smartwatches are well-suited to anyone who is serious about being fit and healthy. The watches from this brand are usually attractive while being able to handle tough environments.

The new Smart Fit watch that was very recently launched is sure to be another winner from T1 – it has all the best qualities looked for in a good and reliable product.

Introducing the T1TW Smart Fit Band

This good-looking watch is the first health & fitness smart watch by the brand better known for military-strong watches (see here).

The Smart Fit Band is lightweight but strong and made from the highest quality materials to endure even the most intense training sessions.

It has the ability to help ‘health junkies’ keep an eye on their bodies and monitor important things like calorie data and sleep.


There are many features included in the T1TW Smart Fit Band that are sought-after. It won’t weigh wearers down despite having all these features though.

So, what can be expected from this new health & fitness smart watch?

Data on blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate are easily accessible. That means users of the watch can make sure they’re in tip-top shape while exercising.

This watch also lets the wearer track their distance covered during exercise or training and how much sleep they’re getting.

It has traditional features such as a stopwatch and step counter. As briefly mentioned, this T1 watch lets users easily and closely monitor their calorie data and sleep as well.

The calorie data feature is a bonus for anyone on a serious diet or trying to learn more about eating habits.

It can connect to Bluetooth on mobiles and has a remote control with access to a connected phone’s camera.

This smartwatch stands out with its IP67 waterproof rating. It is protected against dust and can be immersed in water up to 1m.

With touch control, users don’t have to fret with bulky buttons that could easily break. The watch can simply be touched the same way as a mobile device’s touchscreen is during use.

Wipe it clean, using an alcohol wipe.   Do not ‘wet’ it but a damp clearing will do all that’s needed. It’s not a water resistant piece that can be washed in soap and suds like the brand’s first model, the Midnight Diamond. However, it can be kept clean, if following the smartwatch sanitization during Covid 19 tutorial T1TW shared earlier.

Keeping this impressive health & fitness smart watch clean is pretty straightforward as well – use a microfiber cloth and some soapy water.

T1 Watch Image 2

Communication Abilities

Because the T1 Tact Watch is so technologically advanced, users can enjoy many perks not normally found in a gym smart watch.

At least, not in a watch that will last longer than a few months. With this one, the wearer can see missed emails, calls and texts and monitor social media activity.

It is iOS and Android compatible so it can be synced with a mobile device. This will allow wearers to assess their fitness journey every day.

What Exercises Can Be Done While Wearing The T1TW Smart Fit Watch?

The T1TW Smart Fit Watch can endure most exercises because it has been made by a brand that creates hardy and strong watches.

It doesn’t matter at what fitness level a wearer is, this watch can be used effectively with a manual that will explain all features.

Whether out running every day or enjoy more exhilarating activities such as climbing, this T1 watch promises to not fail.

It’s also suitable for wear during cycling and walking exercises. More of what T1 watches are capable of can be seen on the official YouTube channel.

Attractive Visuals

One of the things that will be noticed first about the T1TW Smart Fit is that it is visually stimulating.

It has animated visuals that are displayed with each mode, making it easy to understand and use.

The date and time display is also appealing with a 240×135 resolution. Symbols and the screen are larger than most watches. That makes for easy and convenient reading and interaction.

Final Thoughts

The T1 Tact Watch is made to improve the life of anyone who is trying to stay fit and active.

It has great features and impressive durability – an ideal modern gym smart watch.

Add to that how affordable it is – only  $84.99 – and it is to be expected that this watch will be flying off the shelves.

When looking for a fitness smartwatch great for diet and health monitoring, look no further.

Just be careful to not be taken for a fool by sellers of counterfeit products. On the official Facebook page, the brand warns buyers to always look carefully. If the brand name is not on the watch, it’s fake.

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