3 Simple Ways to Watch International TV From Your Home

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Changes to everyday life since the COVID-19 pandemic began have led to people worldwide watching more television. If you’ve been able to stay home for the last few months and binge-watched TV the entire time, you’re likely running out of shows.

Chances are, most or all of what you’re watching is local television. Even if you’re streaming instead of watching satellite or cable, services limit international TV shows based on where you live.

This is due to business agreements and is a disappointment to many television viewers. If you want to access the best international TV shows, you do have some options. Take a look at this quick list of three ways to do it.

1. International Satellite TV

One easy way to get international TV channels is by installing a C-band satellite dish. The size of the satellite dishes gives you an idea of their power: they range from 4 to 10 feet in diameter.

Because of the size, this option is best for viewers with their own properties. If you can talk your apartment manager into installing a C-band dish for the entire complex, though, you can help lots of people access international television channels. This useful article gives you an idea of the installation process.

2. View International TV With a VPN

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are a way to get around region locking. What VPNs do is reroute your internet connection through their servers. It’s hard for websites and governments to track your activity when you access the internet through VPNs.

When you don’t use a VPN, your connection goes through public servers owned by companies like Facebook and Amazon. These servers allow you to be tracked. VPNs don’t because their servers are closed off and nobody monitors your search patterns and other activity.

There are free options and paid options. Paid VPNs aren’t always better than the free options. Look into reviews and shop around.

Keep in mind that this method isn’t exactly legal in many cases. Because of VPN’s added security, most people don’t get caught, and fewer get in big legal trouble for the transgression. If you do get caught, you’re more likely to be banned from Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other major region-locked providers you access using the VPN.

3. Smart Domain Name Servers for Foreign TV

Another way to view foreign television shows is through smart domain name servers, often called smart DNS. Smart DNS servers make it look like you’re accessing the net from anywhere in the world.

There are combination VPN/smart DNS tools available. Like stand-alone VPNs, there are paid and free options available. Also like VPNs, this isn’t the most legitimate way to go about accessing foreign television. Networks prefer that you purchase DVDs and digital downloads, if you can find them.

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Now that you know these three ways to watch international TV, you can take your mind off stressful current events with popular shows from around the world.

When you’re ready to return to the real world, look around our site for more interesting facts about all kinds of things. We collected these easy-to-read lifestyle articles in one convenient place to make your life simple. Take a look around now to see what the site has to offer.

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