A New Twist: 4 Movie Party Ideas That Your Guests Never Saw Coming

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Most of us haven’t been to a movie in a few months. While that’s bad news for indoor movie theaters, it creates an opportunity for anyone planning a birthday party.

Your kid may not be able to see SpongeBob Squarepants in theaters anytime soon, but you can still give them a great movie night at home.

But first, you need the right movie party ideas. A birthday party movie theme offers you a ton of options. Here are five of the best ideas for your next children’s party.

1. Cinematic Invitations

Sure, you could call or email families and invite them to your child’s movie party. But if you’ve got extra time at home, why not use it on invitations that have a little cinematic flair?

Create or order invitations that look like what you get at your local theater’s box office. If you can’t remember what those look like, search the Internet for photos of movie tickets.

While you’re doing that, you’ll no doubt find some templates to use. You can also order them from an online printing company, depending on your timeline.

2. A Popcorn Machine

Microwave theater is fine for a regular night in. But if you’re going all out for a party, you might as well go all out for the snacks as well.

Call local rental companies and ask if you can rent a popcorn machine. It’s probably cheaper to rent than you think. It’s also relatively simple to operate.

That way, your guests can arrive and smell the popcorn popping. It will create the same sense of anticipation that you get when you’re at your local movie theater.

3. Movie-Themed Desserts

A real movie party night will have popcorn, but don’t forget that it’s also a birthday. And birthdays require something sweet to celebrate.

You can make cupcakes that look like popcorn, and it only takes a few extra steps. First, get some festive cupcake liners. Along with cupcake mix, you’ll also need marshmallows and yellow food coloring spray.

Once you’ve baked and frosted the cupcakes, the real fun begins. Pile the marshmallows on top of the cooled cupcakes, and then spray them with yellow food coloring for a buttery effect.

4. An Outdoor Movie Screen

Your big-screen TV inside is cool, but it’s not quite the same as what you see at the theaters.

Well, you can’t get that big of a screen inside your house, but you can do the next best thing in your backyard.

An outdoor movie screen rental is perfect for parties both small and large (though right now, smaller is better). The 16-foot screen creates an immersive experience for you and your guests.

Unless you have a lot of extra chairs, invite guests to bring their own. They’ll love sitting in lawn chairs and eating popcorn on a late summer night.

Other Movie Party Ideas

The above movie themes should get you started. But if you want more, there’s plenty of other movie party ideas. You can even incorporate the movie you’re watching into the decor or food.

We’re living in abnormal times. But a birthday party movie theme can help you restore some sense of normalcy, at least for one night.

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