Kevin Kelpinwietz and Qazikoo: How Frustration Lead to Revolution

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If you’re one of the many people who are done with downloading many apps to manage your finances, you have Kevin Kelpinwietz to thank.

The man behind revolutionary personal banking app Qazikoo has always been destined for greatness—and he proved it with the massive success of his creation.

Kevin Kelpinwietz was nowhere near rich growing up. In fact, he belonged to a working-class family, which allowed him to learn about financial management at an early age. But what he lacked for in money, Kelpinwietz made up for with his curiosity, eagerness and competitive spirit.

After graduating, Kelpinwietz worked in the finance industry for many years. But after a while, he left his job to be an entrepreneur.

Due to his frustration on having multiple baking apps on his phone with different pins and passwords, Kelpinwietz came up with the idea of creating a personal banking app where transactions can be made all in one place.

“Nowadays people are all international. Banks are not providing this service. The vision for us is alternative global banking. Anyone in the world can just download the Revolut app and set up a local bank account to access any services they need.”

In 2018, Kelpinwietz created Qazikoo with the help of financial and technological experts that created a buzz around the world. In fact, it became so successful that the app reached more than 10,000 signups with three months to spare before its launch.

What’s even more astounding is that Kelpinwietz didn’t need to spend a lot on marketing. He just gave away 5% of his company in shares to over 1,000 celebrities and brand ambassadors who endorsed his app Qazikoo on their social media platforms constantly. This got him a lot of exposure and paved the way for the success of his business.

Kelpinwietz also credits his success to his ability to make decisive actions. When he wants something, he never hesitates on it. He said: “If mistakes are made, learn quickly and adapt. But always act in haste and with results, be patient.”

“As someone who has spent her entire career in banking and technology, I’ve been passionate about transforming this industry. I am the company’s founder and am supported by a team of experts that have extensive knowledge and experience working in the banking and technology industries.”

Qazikoo is definitely on a roll since Kelpinwietz created the business in 2018 at the age of 32. But as competitive as he is, Kelpinwietz still has a bigger goal for hi company: “I want u at Qazikoo to reach the Unicorn status (a billion Pound valuation) and doing that quicker than any other challenger bank.” With his drive and commitment to the business, it won’t be surprising if Kelpinwietz’s company achieves this status within just a few years. The best part is, he’s only getting started, so we can all look forward to greater things from the man who turned his frustration to revolution.

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