A Complete Guide To Rotating PDF Files

Rotating PDF files is easy, and it’s as similar as rotating images. However, you need to find a PDF software or tool to rotate your chosen PDF files. Finding the best PDF tool to handle all your PDF dilemmas can be stressful, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. 


PDFbear is a PDF tool that allows you not only to rotate your PDF files. It also does other PDF stuff, such as viewing, editing, and merging PDF files and converting them to another file format such as Powerpoint, Excel, Word, TXT, JPG, and more. PDFbear is an all-in-one PDF tool that is the solution to your PDF needs. 

How to rotate PDF files online using PDFbear?

One of the most significant advantages of using PDFbear is you can use it online. You don’t have to download any necessary software or extensions for you to use it. You can go to their website and rotate your PDF files in an instant with less hassle. You can also rotate PDF online.

When rotating a PDF file in PDFbear, all you need to do is follow four steps. 


First, choose the PDF file that you wish to rotate. Upload it on PDFbear’s website by dragging and dropping it on the site. You can upload a PDF file straight from your computer or cloud storage. 


Once the file has been uploaded on the site, a circular arrow will appear on the screen. Use the icon to rotate your PDF file at your preferred angle. Click and hold the arrow and move it in any direction you like. 


Next, when you have already found the perfect angle that will suit your preference, click “Apply.” The changes will be saved. Once you are contented with your newly rotated PDF file, you can download it. The changes will also be kept in the system’s cloud if you want to get back to it. You can also save it in your cloud storage or send it directly via email. 

PDFbear features

The best thing about PDFbear is it’s cool and all-in-one features. Unlike other PDF tools that you can see online, PDFbear is free, and you don’t have to download any extension or software for you to use it. It also has a simple interface, and it is user-friendly. 

Rotate PDF files on the go

As mentioned, there are no installations required when using PDFbear. You can rotate one PDF page or more conveniently. With a simplified interface, you won’t have trouble looking for the right tools that you will need. Rotate PDF files instantly, even when you are on the go. 

100% safe and secured

Another best quality that PDFbear offers is high-quality protections for your online files. Since the website is accessible via a web browser, there will be a chance that other users will hack your file. However, PDFbear ensures that all files will stay private, and it will only stay in the cloud for an hour. 

Works on all platforms

PDFbear is flexible to use in any computer platform, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. The PDF editor and tool can be accessed via a web browser, and you can save the edited document on your computer or cloud storage with no complications. 

Quick rotation and download

PDFbear’s rotation tool is straightforward to use. Rotating PDF files can be done in just one click using PDFbear. You can change the angle of the documents, and all changes will be saved on the website’s cloud. You can also download it instantly.


Rotating PDF files will never be difficult again when you used PDFbear. It does not only limit to rotating, but PDFbear can also convert, edit, merge, and view PDF files on the go. The interface is simple, organized, and available anytime and anywhere. 



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