How to Defend Against Online Solicitation of a Minor Charge

Only a fraction of all internet solicitations is reported to law enforcement each year. Are you someone that’s been charged with online solicitation of a minor and aren’t sure how you and your legal team will defend against the charge? This charge can carry heavy penalties if convicted, therefore, you should know what to do next.

Any positive outcome takes work and strategy. In this article, we are going to provide you with both to help you get the best outcome in your minor solicitation case, as well as give you some steps to follow before you’re due to appear in court.

Were You Online?

You must understand what is online solicitation when you’re charged with it, and how to build your legal defense. The first step that can help to get you exonerated of all charges is to prove that at the time the solicitation took place, you were not online.

Everything you do on the internet can be traced back to the source, regardless of whether you deleted it.

The majority of servers have a system where the messages you send to other people are also time-stamped. Your legal team may summon your online records to prove that your online profile was not active on any public site during the crime.

If your profile was active at the time of the crime, your team will then look into whether or not someone else is responsible for using your profile to solicit the minor. In this case, your team may summon witnesses that can provide an alibi for your whereabouts during the crime.

Exception Loopholes

There are times when your legal team may be able to find a loophole that will help to lessen your charges or get you out of trouble entirely. One way to do this is by focusing on the age difference between yourself and the minor.

In some states, the minor’s age and consent to engage in sexual activity may help to have your charges dropped. Your team can also attempt to argue that you had no actual intention to meet with the minor in question.

This can prove challenging to do. However, it’s worth trying if you don’t want to face the consequences that come with a felony charge.

Violation of Your Rights

While this may not be likely, it’s worth trying to defend yourself in court. Your team may point out any violations that occurred when you were being arrested and charged with a minor solicitation. Proving there was a violation could mean not reading you the Miranda rights.

Or continuing to interview you after you asked for the presence of your counsel.

Online Solicitation of a Minor: Case Dismissed

When you’re charged with a minor online solicitation and seek to create a strong defense, it takes time and effort on your legal team’s side. There aren’t many defenses used that can help your case except one of the ones mentioned above.

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