Driveway Gates: Why They Matter

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Many homes in the UK do not have a gate at the front of their property. In some cases, installing gating would be prohibitive and impractical, but for the majority of homes, exterior gating is important. You only have to read the local newspapers to know that house break-ins are on the rise, especially in these uncertain times when unemployment is rocketing. If you have never considered having gates at the front of your property, here are a few good reasons to think about boosting your home security with a driveway gate.

  • Added Security – The most obvious benefit, installing a set of electric gates will deter any would-be intruder. You can add an intercom if you wish, and there are many other accessories that you might require.
  • Boost The Appeal Of Your Home – A bespoke set of driveway gates will certainly transform the property, and with a choice of timber, aluminium, steel or wrought iron, there’s no limit to what you can achieve aesthetically.
  • Electrically Powered – Gone are the days when we have to get out of the car to open the driveway gates. With remote operation, you open the gates as you are approaching your home and they will automatically close behind you. You would have a choice of electric motors, depending on the size and weight of the gates, and whether you’re looking for electric gates in Shrewsbury or Manchester, a Google search is all it takes to find an established gate company.
  • Deter Neighbourhood Pets – While cats and dogs can get over or through most fences and gates, the majority will avoid it, so you can expect to have an animal-free zone, or something close. Gates are made to measure today, and that means you have a free hand regarding design, and your local gate company would have hundreds of photos of previous installations, which will help with your selection.
  • Send Out The Right Message – If a burglar sees a nice house with no fencing and no gating, he naturally assumes that the homeowner isn’t bothered about security and that’s all the motivation he needs to size up your property for a potential theft. With gating, that’s one more barrier the thief has to negotiate, and burglars are notoriously lazy, so get in touch with your local gating expert and ask him to pop round and give you his professional opinion. There are more blogs that discuss the many benefits of security gating, which are must-reads for every UK homeowner.

For a relatively small investment, you can boost the kerb appeal of your home, plus add another layer of security. A Google search is all it takes to hook up with a local expert and you are a few steps from transforming your home with state-of-the-art bespoke driveway gates.

Inviting an expert into your home is by far the best way to discover the perfect design, and with a choice of styles and materials, you will be able to create gates that enhance the property.

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